3 appliances for the kitchen of the future

Old-fashioned baked apple pie, stew and nasi: sometimes it seems as if time in the kitchen is at a standstill. However, nothing could be further from the truth! With these smart appliances, you can transform your kitchen now or in the future into a modern place where cooking is made even more fun and easier!

1 Smart coffee

Imagine getting out of bed and smelling the smell of coffee. When you’re downstairs, you’ll have a delicious cappuccino or espresso waiting for you. No, your partner or roommate didn’t go extra out there for you. Your coffee maker will. In addition to automatically preparing your favourite cup of coffee in the morning, you can also control it over the internet when you are almost at home.

Future music? No, i’m not. You can already buy a smart coffee maker today from Bol.com, Coolblue or any other store, at a great price.

2 Always fresh herbs

There’s nothing like a cup of fresh mint tea or some fresh basil leaves over a delicious pasta. However, buying herbs in the supermarket is often expensive and growing herbs yourself takes too much effort for many people. Fortunately, nowadays there are so-called ‘smart gardens’, where all you have to do is fill a reservoir. The device then ensures that your herbs get the perfect amount of water and nutrition.

Smart gardens are also available from the better online store.

The future: a robot kitchen?

At universities and various companies there is already a lot of experimenting with kitchen robots: fully automated robotic arms that can cook complete recipes. Nice and easy for when you don’t feel like cooking. Although the robot arm is not yet for sale in the Netherlands (and costs thousands of euros) we still see it becoming popular in the (distant) future. Convenience Serves Man Cooking with Apps

More smart devices

There are countless other devices that are also ‘smart’. A fridge that tells you via an app how many products you still have in stock while you’re in the supermarket. Sous-vide cooking rods with which you can prepare the perfect steak. Even a 3D printer that comes food for your print for your print comes along.

3 appliances for the kitchen of the future. We don’t know yet which appliances will take over the kitchen in the future, but a few inventions are definitely going to make kitchen life a little easier.

What does your kitchen of the future look like?


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