At KEUKENvuur we have worked with hundreds of program coordinators, event organizers and other professionals responsible for coordinating team outings. Therefore, read 4 Tips for an Effective Team Outing Cooking.

From experience, we can say with certainty that the people who are constantly finding creative ways to connect with others are the most effective when it comes to organizing the perfect team outing.

An excellent way to bring your product to the attention or stimulate teamwork within your organization is to follow a cooking workshop or class in our beautiful facilities in Utrecht. Are you ready to book a workshop? Click here.

We offer various cooking classes where you can make and eat dishes from all over the world. Make team outings more fun for everyone! From preparing the meal, finding the right ingredients, to creating excellent meals together in the kitchen; A cooking workshop is an engaging, fun, collaborative activity that can keep your team entertained for hours.

Today we will tell you exactly how to coordinate your own cooking workshop to bring people together, strengthen their communication and cook something delicious!

Follow our four simple steps for a flawless team event.

Team outing Choose a style, layout and place for your property

Choose a theme that suits your occasion. Next, make sure that the theme of your event aligns with what is exciting or essential for the people you want to invite to the workshop.

Choosing a themed workshop that aligns with what your team likes will undoubtedly make it easier to find interested participants and encourage your teammates to join.

Are you interested in learning about American BBQ? Do you find the thought of cooking with insects exciting for you and your team? Is whisky a passion for everyone you work with and would cooking with whisky be an epic offsite event?

Next, think about the setup of your cooking class for this particular team outing. For example, is the occasion focused on international cuisine or regional cuisine? Are you going to make only dishes or drinks together? How hands-on will the team outing be for each participant?

And finally, choose the right location for your outing. For example, do you first have to present something from your laptop? Is the location suitable for that? What are the costs for the cooking platform? Is parking included?

At KEUKENvuur you can choose from various theme workshops and our facilities are perfect for an event with your team! We offer free parking and we have facilities that you can use for presentations with your team before cooking. Our offer is so popular that we have become a household name in our area!

Click here to view our full range.

Get attention for your event!

Once you’ve determined your theme and location, it’s essential to promote your event so everyone will attend! Whether you’ve invited your team, or are trying to attract new people, below are some tips to spread the word about your event and encourage enthusiastic attendees:

  • Share the event information with your email list.
  • Create a Facebook event and invite everyone on your team as well.
  • Hang flyers in the office and around the workplaces.
  • Remind everyone a week and a day before the event so no one forgets.
  • Make sure you’re available to answer everyone’s questions so everyone is more likely to attend on the day of the event.
  • Hang a registration form on the wall at the office so that everyone remembers that he or she has agreed to attend!


Team outing cooking arranging, planning & storing

Once you’ve chosen a style, theme, and location and also started spreading the word about the upcoming cooking class, it’s time to wrap up the rest of the event!

If you’re raising everyone with a specific cooking class or workshop as a team outing, decide what recipes your team will make and what ingredients you need to purchase to have enough food for everyone.

Find dishes that fit the topic of your property. For example, if you want to teach a course that offers healthier cooking options and balanced breakfasts, you could look for essential overnight oats dishes.

Again, we can work directly with you to ensure that the workshop menu aligns with everything you want to achieve with your team event.

From here, include the recipes you want to include in your plan. Once you have the total number of participants, make a list so that you know the total number of servings you will need to make.

Team outing make handouts to hand out during the outing so everyone is on the same page!

Whether you’re teaching a cooking class or workshop or attending a workshop by one of our professional chefs, a printed schedule or handout can be very helpful for your team.

Give guests some information to take home after the event. Whether you opt for a list of recipes or links to learn more about the food they’ve made, it can be helpful.

If you have chosen a regional cuisine for cooking, give some background on the food. For example, why it is exciting or essential and why you chose the theme! And, if you have no idea where to start making a handout, we recommend Canva .

Canva will undoubtedly save you time and money in developing and designing.


Whether you want to organize a meeting with a cooking class or you are ready to dive directly into the kitchen with your team, at KEUKENvuur we have everything you need to organize the perfect team building event.

We have a variety of classes and themed workshops to meet all your needs. Think of cooking with chocolate, food as medicine, making dim sum, cooking without salt and much more!

Will this be an event focused on tapas or a workshop? Would you like to hold a meeting in advance or just have time to cook in our kitchens?

Whatever you decide, our facilities can meet all the needs of you and your team. Contact us now  !

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