In learning about different styles of cooking, the theme food workshops at KEUKENvuur are fun and adventurous.

At KEUKENvuur, we want to bring back the idea of cooking as an art. We also urge people to learn in a way that feels fun as opposed to overwhelming and intimidating.

Cooking a meal can be a lot of work, but if you’re having fun doing it, it’s not hard work at all. That fun, engaging feeling is what we are trying to create with our different theme food workshops.

Every time you come to a KEUKENvuur event, you will be blown away by how much fun it is! We are a quirky company with a vision: to bring more people into the world of food, to share different cuisines with as many people as possible!

Led by professional chefs, our events are not only well planned and content-rich, but they also have an artistic component to them. The team strives to create unique experiences for our hungry attendees. It is our goal to create events that you will not see anywhere else! And, we want to provide tools that will help make your cooking life more manageable.

Here are our 8 Best Theme Food Workshops to try in Utrecht in 2021:

  • Best Overall: BBQ Workshop
  • Best Budget: Tapas Cooking Class
  • Best for Professionals: Insect Cooking Workshop
  • Best for Skill-Building: Sushi and Sashimi Workshop
  • Best for Foodies: Dim Sum Workshop
  • Best for Beer or Liquor Lovers: Cooking with Beer or our Cooking with Whiskey Workshop
  • Best for Curious Cooks: South African Cooking Class
  • Best for Non-Meat Eaters: Vegetarian/Vegan Workshop


BBQ Workshop

Have you always wondered what everyone is raving about when they try Texas BBQ? In our BBQ workshop, you will have the opportunity to use our Kamando Joe smoker to create your very own BBQ feast.

From roasting and grilling to smoking and baking on a grill, you will have an opportunity to do it all and taste it all. In this three-hour cooking workshop, we will work together over the smoker to create a multi-course soul food feast!

Fun workshops to try in Utrecht cooking Kookstudio KEUKENvuur

Tapas Cooking Class

Travel to the Andalusia region of Spain with us through unique ingredients and special dishes!

From Spanish wines to 100% fresh ingredients, we create 10 to 11 delicious tapas dishes to share. During this workshop, good food and good wine are just as important as good company!

Insect Cooking Workshop

At KEUKENvuur, we pride ourselves on being progressive and innovative. And, that idea does not stop when we get in front of cutting boards and stovetops. In our cooking with insects workshop, we put this to the test!

During this cooking workshop, together, we will create a three-course menu based on triobolo worms, grasshoppers, and buffalo worms.

This class is perfect for the more experienced chef! Unfortunately, it is not often that anyone gets the opportunity to make delectable treats with insects.

Sushi and Sashimi Workshop

Are you ready to learn more about sushi and sashimi and how to make each item? In our sushi and sashimi workshop, we cover maki, futomaki, and nigiri!

Learn the ins and outs of the Japanese kitchen in this three-hour workshop. But, this class will not stop at making sushi and sashimi. We will also discuss purchasing your own fresh seafood and best practices for choosing the best, freshest seafood at the market. This workshop will also include alcoholic drinks if you would like to have them!

8 Best Theme Food Workshops in Utrecht Kookstudio KEUKENvuur

Dim Sum Workshop

Do you know what Dim Sum means? Commonly referred to as “heart pleasures,” “heart warmers,” or “pointed hearts,” these little packets of joy can warm any soul!

In this cooking workshop, we will work together to create different styles of dim sum!

Cooking With Beer

In our cooking with beer workshop, we work with local beer and Geuzenkriek as the basis for the class. There are various beers available in today’s modern world, and because of these diversities in flavor, beer can be an excellent component to use when creating dishes!

Beer adds a complex layer of flavor when applied correctly. In this three-hour cooking workshop, you will enjoy a three-course dinner menu where each item will highlight a beer! And, of course, there will be beer pairings with each course.

Cheers to tasty food and delicious beers!

The 8 Best Theme Food Workshops in Utrecht

Cooking With Whiskey

Sipping on whiskeys from Highland, Lowland, Skye, and Islay is quite a treat! But, have you ever tried cooking with them? Whiskey is a perfect partner to many savory dishes!

Whiskey offers rich aromas for complex flavor profiles. We will first taste all of the whiskeys; then, we will make a multi-course dinner highlighting their flavor profiles. This workshop lasts about four hours and will include alcoholic beverages!

South African Cooking Class

In this cooking class, we focus on the use of a variety of spices that are native to the South African area. With Irio, Bobotie, and Carure, we will craft dishes that you may be familiar with if you know African cuisine.

By focusing on more typical local dishes, we will create a special multi-course meal to share together.

Vegetarian/Vegan Workshop

Whether you eat meat, are vegetarian, or vegan, this workshop will be perfect for you! Together we will craft six different dishes referencing vegetarian cuisine from all over the world.

Trust us; you will not even miss the meat.


At KEUKENvuur, choosing suitable theme food workshops for you and your group is only challenging because we have so many to offer!

From Spanish tapas plates to learning the intricacies of crafting your very own Dim Sum experience, a cooking class is a perfect place to share and bond with others.

Whether you are looking for a vegetable-forward cooking experience or you are interested in learning how to cook with whiskey, we are guaranteed to have an option that will fit your needs.

To view a complete list of our themed workshops, click here. If you are more interested in learning cuisine from across the globe, you can review our local cuisine cooking classes!

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