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I had a very inspiring Cook experience at KEUKENvuur in Utrecht. Sil is not only a terrific Chef de Cuisine& but also a host who knows how to connect people, to motivate them to work together and to make them aware that cooking is a lot of fun too. I can garantee that organizing & attending a Cook workshop for you and your collaegues or close friends will be a huge success!

Cook Experience @ Keukenvuur

Rick Schram

More than amazing! Together with 12 friends we were warmly welcomed for a cooking workshop and then all of us set to work to prepare delicious dishes (of Caribbean cuisine). We had a great evening with Sil and had a delicious meal … Highly recommended! We will definitely come back!

Caribbean cuisine workshop

Renata Bodok

My parents were married for 30 years and we celebrated at Keukenvuur an Italian workshop, super cozy and delicious, we had to make everything ourselves, fresh pasta, risotto with mushrooms, fresh sea bass was filleted for us and everything was neatly and well explained, while enjoying a cold beer or wine….together with brother, sister and entourage it was obviously great fun. Delicious piece of duck on a bed of different kinds of garden herbs, everything was delicious, mouth-watering, I can’t say anything else. Sil thanks for the delicious food, which we prepared ourselves under your culinary supervision of course, so: definitely to be repeated. Thanks for the good care.

Italian cooking workshop

Sebas Schmidt
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