Animal Day special: three simple and delicious vegetarian recipes!

Vegetarian and vegan food is all in. And what other day than animal day is better to eat a nice vegetarian, even if you’re a real carnivore?

Animal Day special: three simple and delicious vegetarian recipes! Animal Day dates back to the 1930s and is derived from the birthday of The Catholic Saint Francis of Assisi, who was known as the patron saint of plants and animals.

Especially in honor of animal day, and to show you that vegetarian food can be healthy, tasty and simple, we have listed three delicious recipes for you!

Chili Sin Carne: a classic on its vegetarian

Chili Con Carne is probably one of the most famous dishes in Mexican cuisine, and rightly so. The dish is easy to prepare, not expensive, healthy and also delicious. Moreover, you can easily fine tune the dish to your own taste. Something more jalapeños or chili for a spicy taste? A little extra paprika, or just leeks? A layer of grated cheese on top or nachos? Whatever you want, you can vary endlessly.

For animal day, the biggest advantage of course is that the dish is perfectly adaptable for vegetarians and even vegans. At Keukenvuur we have a delicious recipe for Chili Sin Carne that does not contain meat or dairy.

For those who prefer to have meat in their food, but are also fans of Mexican cuisine, Keukenvuur has a workshop mexican cooking!

2: Vegetarian street food from India

A crispy dough dish with a delicious spicy, slightly spicy filling, served with creamy paneer. Can you see it before you? With the fried street food snacks you will feel right between the tea stalls from Mumbai!

You can read how to make this delicious street food here. Are you vegan? Leave out the paneer or replace it with tofu or tempeh.

For those who want to get more started with street food, Keukenvuur organizes the Streetfood workshop. A guaranteed success where you get to work making sushi/sashimi, tapas, dim sum or other street food.

3: Risotto Con Funghi: A Italian classic delicious vegetarian recipe

Risotto is the dish of choice that lends itself to a variety of varieties and over the years numerous varieties have been developed. It is therefore not surprising that there is also plenty to choose from for vegetarians. One of the possibilities is a delicious Risotto Con Funghi. The name says it all: risotto with mushrooms.

Animal Day special: three simple and delicious vegetarian recipes!

Kitchen fire has a recipe for Risotto Con Funghi that leaves you mouth-watering. This risotto is only for vegetarians. You can choose to leave the cheese out, but your risotto tastes different. Another option is to use vegan cheese.

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