Bachelor party cooking class

Organizing a Bachelor party cooking class in Utrecht? The best way is to get started in a creative way with a delicious tasty reward for a dessert. We organize cooking workshops in Utrecht, ideal for bachelor parties in the middle of the country. We cook with whiskey or beer, just like with insects and other special ingredients. What about a BBQ workshop? In this way we make it a special experience, where we can of course put the bachelor in the spotlight in a fun way.

Are you curious about the possibilities during a cooking workshop for a bachelor party? We will work with a local cuisine, as well as with a specific theme. That way we make it a special occasion that fits perfectly with the bachelor or the rest of the day you are organizing. And do you want to give the bachelor a little extra challenge while cooking for the bachelor party? That is also possible, because we like to listen to your wishes and specific preferences.

Cooking workshop: by theme or with a local cuisine

We can fine-tune the cooking workshops for the bachelor party in Utrecht to a specific theme. Would you like to learn how to cook with whiskey or does the bachelor especially like beer? They are perfect ingredients to cook with, in a way that you have never done before. We provide a fun challenge and special flavors, which you will of course taste together afterwards.

Tip: we provide the fresh ingredients and of course the important necessities for cooking. In addition, the drinks are included, also the beer and wine that you would like to drink during cooking and dinner.

Does the bachelor love to travel or do you already know where the honeymoon will go? Then it is even possible to use the local cuisine for the cooking workshop for the bachelor party. For example, we cook with kitchens such as those from Indonesia, Thailand and Italy. And do you like the typical Dutch pot? We are happy to show you what is possible with our own Dutch kitchen. In this way, we make it a special occasion that neither the bachelor nor you will soon forget.

Bachelor party cooking class in Utrecht: come and cook

Organizing a bachelor party in Utrecht by cooking? We are happy to discuss the possibilities by listening carefully to the wishes and special preferences. We do this for bachelor parties and, for example, for team building by companies, where we both have a lot of experience. We ensure that you can get started in a fun way, of course based on fresh ingredients and under the guidance of a professional chef.

Book a cooking workshop for a bachelor party or do you have other questions?

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