Looking for BBQ catering in Utrecht? We provide a delicious barbecue, so that you and your guests can enjoy it carefree. Of course we are happy to take your wishes into account, or we surprise with dishes that you would not expect on the BBQ.

We provide catering for many companies, as well as for individuals who are celebrating a party. Is it about your birthday, a special anniversary or another occasion? We ensure that you do not have to worry about the catering. We provide delicious dishes with fresh ingredients, naturally tailored to your specific preferences.

Fancy a large piece of pulled pork or the famous short ribs? They are typical dishes for the barbecue, just like the more challenging brisket. We provide special catering for the BBQ, of course by a professional chef who can cook great with it.

The perfect BBQ: meat and more

Looking for BBQ catering in Utrecht with the famous chicken satay, burgers and other cuts of meat? We are happy to adapt to your wishes in order to be of service to you in a pleasant way. We naturally season and marinate the meat to make it a special culinary experience. We are happy to show you what is possible on the barbecue or ensure that you do not have to get started yourself.

And are you looking for other dishes from the barbecue in addition to meat, for example for vegetarians or even vegans? Our professional chef knows what is possible and can inspire in a fun way. In this way we ensure that you can get to know the BBQ in a completely different way. The ideal choice for barbecue catering in Utrecht, well suited to celebrate a birthday or something else.

Barbecue catering in Utrecht

Our barbecue catering  in Utrecht is popular with both companies and individuals. We provide the catering and ensure that you can eat deliciously, of course with the special smoky taste of the barbecue. We smoke the meat and can cook it very slowly, or work with other ingredients that you feel like at that moment. Everything is possible, which we would also like to tell you more about in advance.

Are you curious about the concrete options, as well as the costs that you have to take into account? BBQ catering is possible from € 35 per person, which fortunately does not have to be expensive. We use 100% fresh ingredients and of course ensure that we cook with them in a special way.

We do this in Utrecht and the surrounding area, just like in the rest of the Netherlands. Are you organizing a barbecue soon and are you looking for an experienced chef? Then you have come to the right place.

Looking for BBQ catering in Utrecht or do you have other questions?
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