BBQ catering in Utrecht

Are you looking for the perfect BBQ catering in Utrecht? At Keukenvuur, your reliable catering partner in the Utrecht region, we are ready to make your barbecue event unforgettable. We ensure that you and your guests can enjoy a culinary feast without any worries, taking into account your specific preferences.

BBQ Catering in Utrecht

Whether it’s corporate parties, family gatherings, home markets, or other occasions, our catering service is available for both individuals and businesses in the Utrecht region. We understand that every event is unique, and that’s why we offer a wide range of BBQ packages and options. From traditional meat dishes like chicken satay, hamburgers, and other meat cuts, to vegetarian and vegan options for your guests.

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Our BBQ Choices

Do you fancy a big piece of pulled pork, juicy short ribs, or a challenging brisket? These are typical barbecue dishes, and our experienced chef knows exactly how to prepare them. We ensure that the meat is perfectly seasoned and marinated, so that every bite is a flavor sensation.

More Than Just Meat

At Keukenvuur, we go beyond just meat dishes. In addition to tasty meat options, we can also offer salads, sauces, herb butter, baguette, and even special diets. Our extensive range offers something for everyone, ensuring that your BBQ event meets all expectations.

Trust in Our Expertise

Our barbecue catering in Utrecht is popular among businesses, colleagues, friends, and families. We smoke the meat with care and can slow-cook it, allowing that distinctive smoky flavor to fully develop. Our gas bottles and gas supply all your barbecue needs. We not only provide delicious food but also the right furniture, glassware, tableware, and decoration to complete your event.

Affordable BBQ Catering

We understand that you want to stay within a budget. Fortunately, our BBQ catering is available starting from €30 per person. We always guarantee the highest quality and work exclusively with 100% fresh ingredients. Our experienced chef is ready to create an unforgettable barbecue experience, whether it’s in Utrecht or elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Contact Us

Are you looking for BBQ catering in Utrecht or do you have any other questions? Feel free to call us at 030 73 700 51, send an email to, or use our online contact form. We are always ready to assist you and look forward to making your barbecue event a tasty success.