Kamado BBQ the differences in a row, BBQe on a Kamado remains a nice hobby and since I bought a Big Green Egg years ago I have become more and more into it. Then came a Grill Dome and to complete the party came a Kamado Joe. To be clear I don’t sell BBQs!  But since I have a Big Green Egg, Grill Dome and a Kamado Joe I can compare the BBQs well. Big green Egg or a Kamado Joe the differences in a row

What is a kamado BBQ (Big Green Egg)

It is nothing more than a modern version of an ancient Chinese technique for cooking food in ceramics (clay pot). For example, this technique has the advantage that you can regulate the heat well and that the dishes you prepare dry out less. In Europe there was also a kind of cooking technique that came from the Romans. That way of cooking also comes back in a new look, look for romertopf bricks. This way of cooking was originally used to cook rice in an efficient way.

Big green Egg or a Kamado Joe the differences in a row

The system blew over from China to Japen and eventually the Japanese developed it into a Mushikamado. The BBQ’s that you can buy today are based on the Mushikamado, hence the name Kamado! After the war the device came to America and around 1974 the first real green egg was born, The Big Green Egg.

Big Green Egg buy |kamado bbq the differences in a row

The big green egg (Big Green Egg) what do you actually call the smallest model (Small Big Egg?). This Kamado is the brand that is most well known and loved by many. As the name as says a green Kamado, this brand is also not there in any other color.

Buy Big Green Egg what to buy then

A kamado BBQ in basic form. If you want to cook slowly, you will soon have to buy a Conveggtor a € 70,- euro.  If you want to do several things at once then you can’t do without an (EGGspander System). Price varies between 200-300 euros. So this large set (i’ve assumed because I have a large stand) comes in at about between € 1750,-2100,- euro. If you want it to be a bit cheaper, leave out the base and side shelves and keep a table.


Set Big Green Egg large this data I found from a dealer online I think a Firebox and a fire pit is the same.

Firebox Fire ring

Heat resistant felt

Lifetime warranty Frame R-eggulator

Stainless steel air disc

Stainless steel grate



Side shelf

The disadvantage of a Basic Big Green Egg (I think) is that you have to buy quite a few extra options to get a set like the Kamado Joe large.

Grill Dome Kamado|kamado bbq the differences in a row

The Grill Dome was developed by Tarsem Kohli in 1989. This engineer has used his expertise to develop a new ceramic material (Terapex ceramics). He has also tackled the design of the Kamado, which makes the BBQ look very sleek on the outside. Thanks to the special Terapex ceramics, this BBQ retains the heat very well. Better than the Big Green Egg or the Kamado Joe. If you stop bbqing on a Kamado, you close the bottom and top. Do that with the Grill Dome, you’d have a problem right away and the device would burst. If I could put together a Kamado myself, it would be based on the ceramics of the Grill Dome, with the functionalities of the Kamdo Joe.

Grill Dome Kamado what to buy then

Unlike the Big Green Egg, the kamado BBQ has no expansion options. For example, you can extend the last BBQ with an EGGspander System.

Firebox Heat resistant felt
Fire ring Ceramic heat shield
Stainless steel air disc Stainless steel grate
Frame Thermometer

Kamado Joe Classic II buy|kamado bbq the differences in a row

Since its inception in 2009, Kamado Joe has set the new standard for the Kamado BBQ. By continuously innovating, they have created a Kamado that I am very satisfied with. Especially compared to the Big Green Egg which has never actually changed since 1974. The Big Green Egg is really not a bad BBQ! But if you tried the Kamado Joe once then you would understand why I am a fan of it!

Kamado Joe Classic II buy what you buy then

With the fairly extensive Kamado BBQ you can get started right away! For example, you don’t have to buy a Conveggtor to cook low. This device also has a Divide & Conquer grill system that allows you to do several things at once. This Kamado Joe Classic II is the same size as a Big Green Egg large and the price is between € 1475,- and €1500,-.



Divide & Conquer grillsysteem Side shelf Ash pan
Lifetime warranty Wheel-brake chassis Damper
Ceramic heat shield Multi-Panel Firebox Hinge system

self-closing stainless steel lock


grill grate tongs

Glass fiber seal



Of course it’s quite a lot of money but it saves a lot with the basic version of the Big Green Egg.

What are the benefits of the Kamado Joe

This Kamado is complete and very well thought out. Most Kamados have a round ceramic shell where the fire catches fire. It may happen that this scale rips through the high temperature (see photo Grill Dome). With the Kamado Joe, it’s not possible because they’re all separate parts. Also nice: the hinge system! As a result, the top doesn’t seem to weigh anything and you can lift the lid with one finger. It is also particularly nice that this Kamado has an asla so you don’t have to empty the whole device to clean.

Furthermore, I find the glass fibere seal a wonderful invention! You have to replace the filt from time to time, which is quite a job! In addition the filt is quite expensive. I’ve had the Kamado Joe for a number of years, but I’ve never had to replace the glass fiber seal.

And they just keep busy with Kamado Joe! Recently, the Joetisserie is available an aluminum turnpit system.

Alternatives to big green egg|kamado bbq the differences in a row

So you can see that there are plenty of alternatives to a Big Green Egg. I hear from several people who do the BBQ cooking workshop with us that the Basterd Kamado is also a great appliance. I don’t have any experience with it myself.

Lighting the Kamado

Also you have several options for that. The most expensive option is a BBQ lighter and it costs about €60,- . You’re going to need 220 for that burner. The lighter works fine and it only takes a few minutes to turn on the Kamado. I always use some cubes of paper that I put some oil over and divide it between the cabbage. Lucifer (or the burner of the Crème brûlée) and actually that works just as well.

Where kamado’s made

Kamado Joe-grills are made in Yixing, ChinaGrill Domes in Noida, in the North of IndiaBig Green Eggs are made Monterrey, Mexico

Kamado bbq the differences in a row | which Kamado is better? Kamado Joe, Grill Dome or the Big Green Egg?

All three devices are good! At one Grill Dome Kamado the ceramics are better and the Kamado Joe other Kamado is more versatile. However, there is a lot of difference in the undercarrigs of the Kamados.

What size Kamado should I buy?
At least I wouldn’t buy the smallest size because you can’t do much with that. A medium is fine but if you want to do a little more than I would take a large.

Which kamado is best to buy you?
Buy the device that suits you best! You have people who love Mercedes and someone else loves BMW.

Why would I buy a Kamado?
I regularly get this question during our  KEUKENVUUR BBQ cooking workshops. Don’t buy Kamado if you just want to make a quick look at a bbq. Then it’s a real waste of money. You buy a Kamado because you really love BBQén and want the best result.

When is the best time to buy a Kamado?
This may be a weird tip but the cheapest Kamado’s you can buy just after the BBQ season in the sale. There are several dealers that have demo devices that have been used a few times. These are then offered at discounted prices.

Well so far this blog if you want to buy a Kamado then I hope this piece can help you a little on your way. Have fun with BBQe and a Cedar-cooked monkfish fillet with red quinoa and smoked vine tomatoes  is a great recipe to start with.



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