Catering for businesses? Private chef for companies? KEUKENvuur!

Something to celebrate with your company? Looking for an original or intimate company outing or team building event? Impress with a business dinner? Whatever the goal: corporate catering or a private chef from Keukenvuur is a hit!

Organise your own company dinner:

Whether you work at a large multinational or are a freelancer and whether it is an internal or external affair: when you organize a company dinner you want to put something delicious, original and professional on the table. In that case, the professional chefs of Keukenvuur are ready to prepare the best dinners. You can always rely on a number of certainties:

  • Standard 4 course dinner;
  • Always a matching wine pairing;
  • Customization is possible;
  • A private chef from 6 people onwards;
  • Always a professional chef who takes into account certain dietary requirements and/or allergies;

In addition to the above certainties, we also like to think along with peripheral items such as table decoration, accessories, etc.

Delicious snacks on a special occasion:

Although there is nothing wrong with the Dutch bitter ball or the standard toasts you will find at many business receptions, you can also opt for really tasty snacks and impress your staff or business relations. Our professional chefs like to provide the most delicious catering for all business events. A brief overview of our catering:

  • Fresh products;
  • Always suitable for all occasions, from snacks at a reception to a full lunch;
  • Suitable for both large and small occasions;

Based in Utrecht, we are able to serve customers throughout the Netherlands. Of course, we can take into account specific wishes and allergies.

Private catering for weddings, anniversaries or birthdays:

In addition to serving business customers throughout the Netherlands, we are also ready for private matters. A wedding, dinner or other occasion becomes extra festive with catering from Keukenvuur or with dinners prepared by our private chefs. Again, it doesn’t matter how big or small the party is and here too we are ready to help with both head and peripheral issues.

Whatever you’re looking for for your party: with Keukenvuur you always get delicious food in the house and keep all the attention free for your guests!

Extra courses, a luxury variant or other wishes:

When a party deserves a little more attention, Keukenvuur can prepare more courses, make more luxurious snacks, or think along about other ways to dress up the occasion just a little more. Of course, more luxurious drinks are also among the possibilities. In addition, it is possible to set up catering or a dinner according to a certain theme, such as street food or tapas.

Whether it’s a big, business dinner, tasty snacks at a festive reception, food for a wedding or an intimate dinner at home: Kitchen fire is always ready to make it a perfect event with delicious food!

Catering for businesses? Private chef for companies? KEUKENvuur


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