Partyfood and luxury snacks

Looking for a reliable partner to provide delicious party food and luxury snacks in Utrecht? At Keukenvuur, we specialize in delivering fresh luxury snacks for various occasions, whether it’s receptions, festive gatherings, business openings, or private parties.

Party Food and Luxury Snacks in Utrecht

Our dedicated catering service includes delivering these delicious snacks just before the party begins, all neatly packaged in special coolers to ensure freshness. You don’t have to worry about preparation because we provide flavorful dishes that you can serve yourself! 

An extensive range

At Keukenvuur, we have put together an extensive range of party food to cater to everyone’s taste:

Chinese Party Food

  • Chinese pancake filled with Peking duck and Hoisin sauce
  • Warm green shell mussel with black bean sauce
  • Won Ton filled with tiger prawn, chicken, ginger, and garlic, with soy dip
  • Mini shrimp sesame toast

Vegetarian Party Food

  • Mousse of Camperduin goat cheese with crispy vegetables
  • Mini lasagna of herb polenta with eggplant salad
  • Blancmange of Romero rosemary with salsify
  • Mini Donut with Le Petit Doruvael (red-crust cheese from Montfoort)

Party food and luxury snacks in Utrecht caprese Party food and luxury snacks in Utrecht spoon Party food and luxury snacks in Utrecht tuna

Seafood Party Food

Thai Party Food

Non-Vegetarian Party Food

  • Mousse of red pepper with crispy Pancetta
  • Pastrami rolls filled with truffle salad
  • Stick of smoked ham filled with MonChou
  • Mini Saltimbocca of veal with pesto cream 

Edible flowers party food Party food Keukenvuur Cheese party food

Experience and Quality 

Our party food catering in Utrecht is known for its extensive range, customized flavors, and the benefits of our years of experience and unmatched quality. We offer not only delicious snacks but also a wide selection of buffets, catering options, and decorations to ensure the event is a great success.

Contact Us

Are you looking for party food catering in Utrecht or do you have other questions? Feel free to contact us at telephone number 030 73 700 51, send an email to, or fill out our online contact form. We are happy to assist you and are ready to turn your special occasion into an unforgettable experience with our tasty assortment and excellent service.