Are you organizing your wedding soon, is it time for the best day of your life? We are happy to provide catering, so that everything is in tip-top order and you and your guests will lack nothing. KEUKENvuur catering service is a tailor-made catering service. 100% fresh food created by  professional chefs with the best ingredients voor your wedding!

Catering at your wedding

We have extensive experience in catering at weddings, we know better than anyone that you have to organize everything to perfection. Very healthy dishes and de best ingredients for the catering of your special day, which our professional chefs love for you to prepare. We are happy to go the extra mile and provide the well-known icing on the cake, so that your wedding catering will in any case leave nothing to be desired.

Very healthy dishes and products

When we provide catering for a wedding, for example, we provide a wide selection of particularly healthy dishes and products, within the well-known palette or with a more surprising element.
Would you like to make use of wedding catering with snacks that you do not often encounter, or would you rather opt for the familiar with something you can count on for a very successful day? We would love to hear what you choose; we can provide you with excellent service based on your specific preference with the catering for the wedding.

Wedding catering with 100 % fresh products

Moreover, we only use fresh products for our wedding catering, something that is excellently reflected in both the presentation and the taste experience. The products look beautiful and the dishes are always optimally flavored. We regularly provide catering during weddings and, thanks to our extensive experience, we know how to estimate how much you need per dish.

Would you like to know more about our catering at your wedding, so that you have the opportunity to hand over the luxury partyfood to professionals with passion and love for the profession?

For questions, reservations or advice you can always contact us without obligation. Please use the contact form below or call us on 030 – 73 700 51. You will receive a response from us shortly.


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