Cheap food: with these 3 tips you will soon save hundreds of euros a year!

Everyone wants to do fun things with their money: on holiday with the kids, shopping, or making that one beautiful trip you’ve always dreamed of. “Watching the little ones” may be a cliché, but it does work. One of the biggest costs you can save hugely is your food and nutrition expenses!

In this article we give you three useful tips to save money!

1 Handy tricks and psychology for beginners

Cheap food: with these 3 tips you will soon save hundreds of euros a year! Cheap food can be as easy as applying some clever tricks. Maybe you never thought about these tricks. Maybe you’re already using some tricks. Anyway, with the tricks below, you’ll soon save a lot of money on your groceries:

    • Always make a shopping list. And stick to it. Even better is to make a shopping list for the whole week. Takes a little effort, saves a lot of money. This is because you’re not going to spend money on unnecessary things that aren’t on your list.
    • Never go to the supermarket hungry. Research shows that people who go to the supermarket hungry spend more money structurally than people who are not hungry when they do their shopping. A warned man counts for two!
    • Make multiple portions at the same time and use leftovers and left-overs. This tip is especially true for small families or singles. It is often cheaper to cook for two or three days than to make a meal for one or two people. An additional advantage: leftovers often taste better because the herbs and flavours come into their own!
    • Pay attention to the season  and take advantage of the offers. We’re going to kick in an open door, but this open door works! By making smart use of offers and seasonal products, you quickly save tens of euros.
    • Go to the market. Especially at the end of the day you can get cheap fruit and vegetables at the market. Two avocados for two euros? On the market you sometimes get five for a euro.


2 Creative with recipes and tastemakers

Many people use expensive jars or packets as a seasoning or use expensive ingredients in their meals. Often, however, you can just as easily make tasty dishes that are much cheaper. For example, bring pots of dried herbs into the house. The herbs stay good for a long time and can be used for dozens of meals. This quickly saves you a tenner a week in bags of herbs for a specific meal.

In addition, make use of cheap tastemakers. Salt and pepper, of course, everyone knows, but there are more. The most famous are perhaps onion and garlic. But also soy sauce and soy sauce (Asian), or chili powder and chili sauce (Mexican) do very well.

3 Cheap food? Hate cooking? Become a real chef yourself!

Cheap cooking can make a lot of money, but if you eat out at an expensive restaurant every week, it doesn’t really work out.

At Keukenvuur we believe that whether you like cooking or not, you can always put a (delicious) meal on the table! Especially after you’ve attended one of our cooking workshops.

During a cooking workshop of Keukenvuur we take you in 3 hours to a kitchen of a certain country, a certain cooking style or a certain cooking theme. How about a cooking workshop on Thai cuisine, a real BBQ cooking workshop or a cooking workshop for singles? Expensive eating out to the Thai? Always have to go to the grill restaurant for a nice skewer or steak? To the takeaway because you can’t cook well yourself? It’s still allowed, but it doesn’t have to be anymore!

With the cooking workshop of Keukenvuur everyone can put good food on the table. Check here  for all our cooking workshops and request a free quote immediately.

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