Cheers from space to all whisky lovers. At the end of last year, for a very remarkable study, 5 different types of whisky were sent into space. Researchers are wondering if the alcoholic refreshments are becoming as ripe in space as on Earth. To find out about this, the various drinks have to spend at least a year in space. So they’re not meant to be thirst-quenching for the astronauts.

Research into maturation process of whisky

At the end of August, a huge cargo ship was sent from the famous Cape Canaveral airbase. That cargo included six samples containing five different types of spirits. These drinks come from a Japanese company that makes whisky and other alcoholic beverages. Researchers are wondering if the maturation process of the drinks in space is the same as here on Earth. The whisky maker is curious if the weightlessness in the room affects the taste of the drinks. Due to its maturation, whisky gets such a distinctive taste. The makers expect that the drink that has matured in space will taste softer. This would be due to the subtle temperature fluctuations and the degree to which the liquids move. In space, liquids behave more stable.

Cheers from space to all whisky lovers | NASA approval

U.S. government agency NASA, which specializes in space research, has given full approval for the research. It’s not even the first study with alcoholic beverages in space. The research is not intended for commercial purposes. The Japanese company that supplied the samples says the research has purely a scientific basis. Dozens of bottles are not expected to be shot into space every year. That would not even be financially feasible. The space station the samples were sent to specialize in scientific research. Therefore, the liquids on their journey were also accompanied by a number of laboratory mice.


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