Are you ready for quality time together, or do you want to invite friends for a special dinner at home than try our chef at home service in Utrecht

Our chef at home ensures that you can be with your loved ones without worrying about cooking. You can enjoy a delicious dinner and all the luxury at very competitive rates. Our chef cooks with fresh ingredients, you just have to set the table. Chef at home in Utrecht and surroundings

Chef at home in Utrecht and surroundings

Our chef at home works from our location in Utrecht, but can serve you throughout the Netherlands. During the private chef package we provide a culinary 3-course market menu dinner with daily fresh ingredients. Of course we take your specific wishes into account and are happy to think with you about the menu.

You do not have to go out for groceries, we will arrange that. Of course we can also provide a wine and soft drink arrangement, so that you do not have to leave the house. You can book the service in Utrecht and surrounding areas from 6 persons, with our chef present for 3 hours for preparation and service.

You can already use the luxury of our private chef ad home for only € 65 per person (excl. Travel allowance and VAT).
Of course we are also happy to serve you with extra courses or an extra luxurious variant, with a glass of champagne and a festively set table by Keukenvuur.

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What do you get?

private chef for preparation and serving

How long does it take?

This cooking workshop takes approx 3 hour

What does it cost?

You can already use the luxury of our private chef for only € 65 per person (excluding travel allowance and VAT)

May we send you a no-obligation quote?

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