Chillies in various shapes and sizes. Do you like spicy food and are you curious about the different types of fresh pepper available? In India, Thailand, Mexico and Japan, chefs are known for using fresh peppers. However, there is a lot of difference in the various species. Using the Scoville bowl by Wilbur Scoville, it is possible to measure the hotness of papers and sauces. We do this using the dust of capsaicin. A pepper has a concentration of 0, tabasco already 5,000 and the hottest pepper in the world about 2,000,000. Sauces with a value of 30,000 and more will not be found in the Netherlands any time soon.

Chili peppers in various shapes and sizes

We also know the fresh peppers as chili peppers or chillies, available in a number of different varieties. In the Netherlands we know the peppers, the jalapeño and Madame Jeanette. However, don’t forget the sambal, also that sauce is made from fresh peppers and therefore belongs to the different variants. In the Netherlands we generally eat few peppers, so we are not well used to it and few of us will get a real chili pepper or chilli away.

The effect of fresh peppers

Peppers add flavour to dishes, by giving them a sharp edge. It is the capsaicin in the peppers that stimulates the senses of heat in the mouth. We feel heat in the mouth because of it, it’s endorphins from the brain that respond to that. Endorphins also happen to be the substance that makes for a comfortable and enjoyable feeling, which can actually make someone addicted to eating hot peppers. In addition, fresh peppers in a cold help to deflate cavities and it is quite possible to lose weight with them, thanks to the increased heart rate.

Battle for the hottest pepper in the world

Curious about the hottest pepper in the world, which we as Dutch people don’t have to start at all? For a long time it was the Moruga Scorpion that took off with the honor, but nowadays there is competition from the Carolina Reaper. The fresh peppers have a very high concentration of capsaicin and thus create a very hot taste to which we dutch have almost no answer. Curious about the effect when you eat it? Look at the eating the Carolina Reaper


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