Clients references KEUKENvuur

Below the reactions that KEUKENvuur has received in recent times when fulfilling various assignments. For both companies and private clients. The overview starts with the reactions to cooking workshops. Then come the responses to catering assignments. The overview closes with responses to private dinners provided by KEUKENvuur.

Caribbean cuisine cooking class

More than great! Together with 12 friends warmly received for a cooking workshop and then all working together to prepare delicious dishes (from Caribbean cuisine). Had a pleasant evening with Sil and had a wonderful dinner… Highly recommended! We will definitely come back again!!!

Renata Bodok

Cook Experience @ Keukenvuur

I had a very inspiring Cook experience at KEUKENvuur in Utrecht. Sil is not only a terrific Chef de Cuisine& but also a host who knows how to connect people, to motivate them to work together and to make them aware that cooking is a lot of fun too. I can garantee that organizing & attending a Cook workshop for you and your collaegues or close friends will be a huge success!

Rick Schram

Tapas cooking class

Last Saturday a very nice tapas workshop done at Keukenvuur as a surprise for our birthday friend! There were 10 of us. Nice, cozy location. Easy to reach by public transport. The workshop leader/cook was very patient with these caulating girls… Delicious food! Recommended! Tip: if you want to go to the pub afterwards, bring some extra chewing gums?

Jolanda Baars

Caribbean cuisine cooking class

Had a great evening here and had a lovely dinner. Under the guidance of the chefs from KEUKENvuur discovers Caribbean cuisine. Definitely worth repeating. Easily accessible. So highly recommended!

Ludia van Rossum

Thai cuisine cooking cooking class

With 13 ladies we followed a cooking workshop of Keukenvuur during a bachelor party in early June 2015. We opted for Thai cuisine. Nice that you can choose different kitchens. The cooking workshop is very easy to reach by both car and bus 37. The location is very nicely decorated, very nice to spend a few hours here. The chefs from KEUKENvuur knew a lot about the products, the recipes and helped everyone prepare the delicious food well. Pure & fresh products, unlimited drinks, ideal! The communication beforehand & afterwards was also very pleasant. We had a very pleasant evening and I would definitely recommend everyone to follow or book a workshop here if you like cooking!

Marieke Fengers

Italian cooking class

With our department, on Dec. Jl. done a cooking workshop. This was a culinary experience for everyone. For example, we have learned to fillet a whole ‘real’ salmon. In addition, we learned to make all kinds of Italian dishes including 4 (!) desserts. We were about 35 colleagues and worked on the starters, main dishes and desserts in groups. When the food was ready we were allowed to take a seat at the table where the dishes were served in turn.
The reactions of the colleagues were very enthusiastic: ‘delicious’, ‘never knew I could fillet a salmon’, ‘I want all the recipes’, ‘what a nice cook, can he come and help me at home’.
The guidance of the three chefs was also top notch. With a lot of knowledge, patience and humor they guided us. Really recommended to do with a group. You are busy, you learn something, you enjoy a delicious meal and in the meantime there is plenty of opportunity to catch up with your colleagues.

On behalf of the colleagues of the UMC-Utrecht, Meggy Peters

Italian cooking class

The Italian cooking workshop was great; cooking together is very cozy and good for the team spirit! The result was very tasty partly because of the good and fun guidance of Sil. In short; we enjoyed it. The (new) cooking studio is fantastic; very nicely decorated, very atmospheric and also nice to work in. The easy and free parking in front of the door is of course also a plus. Thank you for the lovely evening KEUKENvuur, on behalf of all colleagues of AircoRent.

Karin Eussen AircoRent

Sushi making cooking class

The sushi workshop was a success! In a relaxed atmosphere we learned the handles and tricks of sushi making. Ideal mix between educational and tasty.
Sil; thank you for this pleasant evening!! We are already looking forward to the Thai cooking class.

Huub van Confetti Reclame

During company weekends cooking workshop

The highlight of our first company weekend was the cooking workshop.
My colleagues came back with very enthusiastic stories. Thanks for the great tips and the delicious food. All this under your humorous and professional guidance.
Totally Top and worth repeating!


The chef is just so much fun!

The chef is just so much fun! We asked him again to do a workshop during our company weekend. Last time was a great success and this time it exceeded our expectations. This time we made Sushi and of course ate it. The chef guides the workshop with humor, has an eye for detail and knows how to get and keep everyone on track. As far as we are concerned, it will become a tradition during our company weekends: the second evening is the chefs evening. Thanks again,Chef!

Justine Appelman

Barbecue cooking class

Hi KEUKENvuur,
Compliments for the total care of the BBQ workshop. Everything was totally super arranged. Instructive, delicious, and what an enthusiasm you know how to convey! Not to mention the incredibly creative BBQ dishes/snacks you’ve come up with. From fish, meat to fruit & vegetables. Highly recommended for young and old.

Jeanette Stavorinus (account-director Pelican Custom Publishing)

Sushi cooking class

KEUKENvuur provided us with a very successful, professional sushi workshop in the special ambiance of the Sint Janskerk in Gouda. Great and very nice for the spirit of our team. Recommended!

Lars Vink marketing agency het Stormt

Italian cooking class

My parents had been married for 30 years and we celebrated that at Keukenvuur,an  Italian workshop, super cozy and delicious, we had to make everything ourselves, fresh pasta, risotto with  mushrooms,fresh sea bass was filleted for us and everything was neatly and well explained, while enjoying a cold beer or wine….together with brother, sister and supporters it was of course great fun.
Nice piece of duck on a bed of different types of garden herbs, everything was delicious, tongue-lashing, I can’t say otherwise.
Sil with this one thanks for the delicious food, which we have prepared ourselves under culinary supervision from you of course, so: definitely worth repeating. Thanks for the good care.

Sebas Schmidt

Private sushi workshop

During sil and his family’s holiday with us, I soon found out that Sil was giving sushi workshops. Since I really like cooking, I asked him to teach me how to make sushi. He was immediately enthusiastic and we spent an entire evening making sushi. Delicious food but also learned a lot. Great to see how passionate he talks about food and how much he knows about it. Nice to fill an evening with dinner talk and sushi snacks.
Thank you    Sil, I think you’re a top chef!



Catering Watchmouse

Sil did a great job in the catering of a party we organized recently. Good tasty food, great presentation, well chosen ingredients, punctual delivery.

Stan van de Burgt

Hester Nagel

For a dinner that I organized for a number of customers at our location, KEUKENvuur took excellent care of the catering. 5 delicious courses, good portions, very tasteful and served in a nice way. Highly recommended!

Rever Interieurprojecten