Cocktail trend turns the culinary world upside down

What do you get when you mix haute cuisine with cocktails? No, no shrimp cocktail or any other classic. The latest trend in the world of cocktails is a lot more exciting than that and is guaranteed to amaze you!

From Pizza Margarita…

Many people know cocktails as alcoholic drinks that you will find in the higher segment of entertainment venues and in hotel bars. Drinks such as gin, tequila and rum are complemented by ingredients such as lime, mint, tonic, syrup, tomatoes and much more to make a cocktail. On the other hand, you also have the so-called cocktail dishes. These are often short of alcoholic cocktails, although they are often served in a glass. This applies, for example, to shrimp cocktail.

However, the latest cocktail trend is changing this and combines the best of both into challenging recipes.

How about an Italian Pizza Margarita cocktail, for example? No, no pieces of pizza in a cocktail glass, but a bold mix of tomato juice, Parmesan, basil and vodka. These ‘liquidmeals’ jump out of the sky like mushrooms and you can find them in the hippest bars around the world.

… up to Foie Gras

The Pizza Margarita doesn’t sound very haute cuisine. This is certainly true of the French classic  Foie Gras. A restaurant from the American city of Portland became famous in a clap with their Foie Gras cocktail. It’s a bit different than a Mojito, Pina Colada or Caipirinha.

Taste is debatable

Not everyone is a fan of these special creations, but that the meal cocktails are special, most people agree. And while some cocktails don’t really catch on, bacon cocktails in particular do very well in America. Using techniques such asfat-washing,traditional cocktails such as the Bloody Mary are provided with a meaty taste.

Cocktail trend turns the culinary world upside down

For the time being, we’ll stick to a Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned or a Dry Martini. Did you even try one of these cocktails yourself? Or would you like to make a cocktail like that yourself? Let us know in a comment!

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