Italian cooking

Cook Italian with 100% fresh ingredients. Discover how flour, eggs and oil form the important basis of the kitchen that has countless fans all over the world. We will teach you how to cook Italian by working together on delicious pasta or a special pesto.Made entirely by you with fresh ingredients, just like the Italians would do themselves.

In the meantime, we would like to tell you more about the rich Italian cuisine, so that you can better understand why so many of the dishes are popular in both the Netherlands and abroad.  Italian cooking is a true art, in which the freshness of the ingredients naturally plays an important role.

We organize an Italian cooking workshop, where we provide both the fresh ingredients and the important cooking supplies. You come and cook with us in our professional cooking studio, where the chef provides the ideal accompaniment to prepare a delicious dish.

With fresh Italian ingredients

Italian cooking requires deliciously fresh ingredients, of course of the highest possible quality. We provide flour, eggs and oil, as well as fine herbs and everything else we need to enter the kitchen like a real Italian. Together you will cook an Italian dinner or we will provide delicious snacks with a drink, depending on what you feel like.

Of course we also provide the drinks that go with it. Do you like a fine Italian wine? We serve white or red, or both if that suits the dishes you are working on. That is Italian cooking, including the delicious drinks that go with it when Italians dine extensively.

We love Italian cooking and are happy to convey that love for food to you. By learning to cook Italian while telling about the rich cuisine and of course the important role of (grand) mother in the kitchen.We ensure that Italian food is never the same from that moment on, because from now on you will taste the freshness of pure ingredients in the most delicious dishes from the Italian kitchen.

Learn to cook Italian

Do you want to learn how to cook Italian to work together on delicious pasta or a special pesto?

We get started with, for example, a risotto or a Panna Cotta, as the Italians would make themselves. Come and cook Italian in Utrecht, in our professional cooking studio easily accessible from the center, the region and the rest of the province.

We organize Italian cooking workshops for individuals and for companies, for example for bachelor parties and company outings. We will of course provide dishes that you all like in consultation.

Italian cooking or do you have other questions?

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