In Italy, do you enjoy the rich cuisine and the great history of both the different dishes and the ingredients? Would you like to learn to cook like the ancient Romans? But do you find it difficult to find the right ingredients? Then a cooking workshop as the Romans is excellently suited, we make sure that you can go back in time to ancient Rome. There you will have the chance to look under our guidance as in this beautiful old town, for example to make a delicious pasta or Gnocchi.Cook like

Gnocchi or pasta

Do you like Gnocchi or pasta and unfortunately you don’t know how to make it yourself? During the workshop, we provide handy tools and practical tips, so that you can get started yourself and next time you can take care of a delicious dish yourself. We’ll help you go through the various steps so you can enjoy a delicious meal at the end of the cooking workshop for ancient Rome. You will feel like a Roman looking for fresh ingredients to put a meal on the table, which you can enjoy together with friends or colleagues.

Flavours from ancient Rome | Cook like the ancient Romans

It is the special flavours of ancient Rome that are central to our cooking workshop. We will ensure that you will experience a special cooking workshop, paying attention to both traditional dishes and the traditional way of preparing. We dive back in time together, to make both cold and warm snacks and then to sit down extensively on his Roman and Italian.


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