Cooking class in Utrecht

Organizing a cooking class in Utrecht? Come and cook vegetarian, Asian or Indian, for example. They are popular examples of local cuisines and themes, with which we would like to teach you how to cook. Well suited for beginners, while of course you can use our professional cooking studio. It contains everything you need to cook like a real chef, while of course we explain clearly how you can use it.

We organize cooking classes and workshops as a course to learn how to cook better, although it is also a fun outing to enjoy eating together. We always work from a love for the ingredients and flavors, which we are happy to convey to you. In this way it is the pleasure that, like the good food, is central to every cooking course in Utrecht that we organize. We are therefore happy to ensure that you enjoy both the preparation and the dinner that of course follows.

Vegetarian, Asian, Indian and more

Are you Curious about the possibilities for a cooking course in Utrecht during one of our workshops?

We list a few popular themes and cuisines:

  • Vegetarian cooking course
  • Asian cooking course
  • Indian cooking course

All our courses and workshops are well suited for beginners as standard, because we are happy to help you with the basics.

We explain what’s important to get off to a good start, while providing useful tips for anyone with more experience in the kitchen.

And are you curious about other kitchens to cook with or do you want to know more about the special themes? For example, you can come and cook Italian, just like specifically with chocolate, with beer or with whiskey. In this way we like to provide a special challenge or we use ingredients for dishes that most people know well.

We organize cooking classes and workshops in Utrecht, both for companies and for individuals. Come and celebrate a company party, organize a bachelor party or come along with a group of friends. It is often possible to tailor the exact course or workshop to your personal wishes, so that it will always be a successful day.

Cooking course Utrecht for beginners

Are you specifically looking for a cooking course in Utrecht for beginners? We understand if you have little experience and would like to get started with the basics. In fact, we guide you through the various steps to arrive at the meal, in which we work on a special dish that you can enjoy together.

Would you like to plan a cooking class in Utrecht right away and are you curious about the possibilities? Use our decision aid. Indicate how many people you can accommodate and when you would like to cook, we will then provide a suitable offer in which we naturally explain what the costs will be.

Fancy a cooking course in Utrecht or do you have other questions?

Call us on 030 73 700 51 or send an e-mail.