Organize a cooking class in Utrecht for 10 people or more? We specialize in company outings and cooking class for large groups. We would like to invite you to our cooking studio in Utrecht, where we have everything at our disposal to cook with you as a real chef. And are you just a beginner who wants to master the basics? We clearly explain how you can use it to work together on a delicious meal.

We organize workshops for bachelor parties, companys, groups of friends and anyone who  loves to cooking!. Together we ensure a successful cooking workshop in Utrecht. Of course, we arrange the ingredients we use and take care of the important cooking supplies. In addition, we take care of the drinks, which we tailor as much as possible to the theme or local cuisine that you like to come and cook with.

By theme, cooking local cuisine or special snacks

Curious what you can work with to start cooking in Utrecht? This can be done, for example, with a certain theme, such as chocolate, beer or whisky. And do you want to try something special like insects or a vegetarian meal? We like to listen to the specific wishes, so that it becomes a successful workshop in which you learn to cook differently or challenge each other in a special way.

In addition, we specialize in a large number of local cuisines. Fancy Asian cooking, like Thai or maybe sri lankan cuisine? We know the cuisines of, for example, Costa Rica and Mauritius, as well as the typical Italian cuisine that gets a lot of people excited about. In this way we provide typical ingredients and special flavors, for example in the way that you can discover them during a beautiful trip.

Finally, we organize cooking class in Utrecht for 10 people with all te drinks, so everything is inclusive. The drinks in the cooking class including wines, beers and soft drinks  In this way it will be a successful cooking workshop in Utrecht for 10 people or more, where you yourself have as little to worry about as possible about everything that needs to be present for this.

Cooking workshop in Utrecht: bachelor party or company party

Organize a cooking workshop in Utrecht, especially for a bachelor party or a company party? We do this as standard for 10 people or more, for which we have more than enough space. During a workshop of 3 hours you cook with special ingredients and work together on a successful meal.

Curious about the possibilities and the costs? Use our cooking class help,which we are happy to make it a little easier for you. Conversely, we can often serve you well with special wishes, which makes anything possible.

Fancy a cooking workshop in Utrecht for 10 people or do you have other questions? Call us on telephone number 030 73 700 51, send an e-mail to  or use the online contact form.