Cooking class (workshop in) Utrecht for 10 people

Cooking Workshops in Utrecht: A Culinary Experience

At our location in Utrecht, you can enjoy an unforgettable culinary evening with a cooking workshop. Whether you come with a group of 10 or larger groups of friends or colleagues, everyone is welcome in our cooking studio. Under professional guidance, you will learn to prepare delicious dishes from various cuisines. From an authentic Italian cooking workshop to a cozy BBQ workshop, the culinary possibilities are endless.


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Accessibility and Facilities

Our Cooking Studio in the Heart of Utrecht Our cooking studio is strategically located and easy to reach, both by car and public transport. And the good news? There is free parking available! So, whether you’re coming from the Utrecht municipality or from farther away, you can easily get to us.

Learn Cooking Like a Pro: Workshops for Every Skill Level

During the cooking workshop, you will be guided by real experts. Together, you will cook delicious food while learning new techniques and spices. Whether you are a true expert or just want to master the basics, our guidance ensures that everyone will be proud of their culinary skills by the end of the evening.



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Cooking Workshops: From Corporate Events to Bachelor Parties

In addition to corporate events and bachelor parties, we also organize workshops for other groups. Think of an afternoon with family members, an evening with friends, or a team-building activity with colleagues. Thanks to our extensive experience and a wide range of workshops, there is a suitable option for everyone.

Contact and Information: Your Culinary Adventure Starts Here

Are you curious about the rates or do you need more information? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you and ensure that it becomes a memorable experience. So, if you are looking for a unique culinary activity in the center of Utrecht, you have come to the right place! We look forward to preparing a delicious meal together with you and your group. Enjoy your meal!

Contact us via the form below or call us at phone number 030 7370051 or check out the most frequently asked questions about our cooking workshops here.