Cooking class for large groups

Cooking Workshops for Large Groups in Utrecht

At KEUKENvuur, we organize cooking workshops specially designed for large groups. These workshops promise not only delicious food but also a fun evening filled with team building, atmosphere, and hidden talents that come to the fore. Our cooking studio in Utrecht provides the ideal space for enjoyable evenings with friends, family outings, corporate events, and more.

A Wide Selection of Over 20 Cooking Workshops

For large groups, we have a wide range of over 20 different workshops available. Our spacious cooking studio can accommodate up to 100 people, creating a cozy atmosphere and ample space for group activities. Depending on the workshop you choose, our experts will advise and guide you so that you can confidently embark on a cooking workshop of your choice or even a customized cooking workshop!

Theme and Street Food Cooking Workshops for Large Groups

Within our cooking workshops for large groups, we offer various themes and street food workshops. For example, we can organize an olive oil cooking workshop where you’ll prepare beautiful dishes and learn new cooking techniques. Or how about a chocolate workshop where you’ll make different dishes and have plenty of sweets to indulge in? For the adventurous groups, we have workshops where you create dishes with beer or even with insects! These workshops are guaranteed to be a bit exciting and will surely make for a fun evening.

Team Building and Corporate Events

Our cooking workshops are not only meant for enjoyable evenings but also for team building and corporate events. They provide the perfect opportunity to delegate tasks, collaborate, and enjoy delicious food. This not only strengthens team spirit but also offers a great way to fill your business events with creativity and a passion for cooking. Brainstorm with your colleagues to create the best dishes and let your creativity and love for cooking flow freely.

Ready to Book a Cooking Workshop?

Do you want to book your cooking workshop in Utrecht right away? Contact us and discover the possibilities for organizing your cooking workshop in Utrecht. Reserving is easy, and soon you’ll be enjoying a cozy and flavorful evening in our beautiful kitchen studio in Utrecht! Curious about the cooking workshops we currently offer? 


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