Cooking class large groups.  Together with you, we ensure that the group can discover a new kitchen. During the cooking workshop you will be able to work with dishes that you would otherwise not be able to put on the table. Would you like to get to know the French or Italian cuisine better, or would you like to explore further afield with a Vietnamese cooking workshop?

During the cooking workshops for large (er) groups, we will work with you under the guidance of a professional chef. He takes care of the correct preparation and teaches you new techniques to prepare the different ingredients in a smooth way and to give them the right taste.

Cooking class large groups | more than 20 different cooking classes

Within the cooking workshops for large groups, you can choose from more than 20 different workshops. In addition, you are very welcome in our cooking studio, where there is room for large groups, and we can advise you on the space and facilities required to cook properly. We have extensive experience with large groups and can make tailor-made arrangements.

Theme and street food cooking workshops for large groups

Within the cooking workshops for large groups, there are also some themes and street food workshops available. For example, we can organize an Mexican cooking class. Do you want to cook with beer or with insects? that is also possible. We can also organize a tapas cooking workshop, or provide a sushi workshop. Contact us.The possibilities are endless, we know various ingredients and unique meals with which we surprise the groups in our cooking workshops every time.

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