Cooking in Utrecht

Cooking in Utrecht

Would you like to follow a workshop and are you curious about the possibilities in our cooking studio in Utrecht? Just come and cook vegan or organic just like based on a popular local cuisine. We cook Indonesian, Chinese, African or for example Asian and Italian. We work with 100% fresh ingredients and explain the different cooking techniques that are available. Under the guidance of a professional chef you will work on delicious dishes, which we will of course enjoy together.  In this way, it is a cooking workshop with useful tips, as well as important basic skills to better master cooking. Well suited for cooking better at home or for occasionally unpacking with something special. And above all very cozy, so well suited for a bachelor party or, for example, a company outing.

Tip:  Have you special wishes for the cooking workshop, for example based on ingredients or preferences for dishes? Let us know and we will gladly take it into account.

We specialize in various local cuisines, as well as topics surrounding learning to cook. In this way we are happy to show you what is possible or we will work according to your specific wishes.

Indonesian, Chinese, African or Asian

Curious about the local cuisines we cook with during a workshop? For example, it concerns Indonesian cuisine, just like Chinese, African or Asian. In addition, we regularly organize workshops for Italian cuisine as well as typical Dutch cuisine, which often have more to offer than many people know. In this way we would like to introduce you to the various countries and their own cuisines, for a culinary journey to the most beautiful places in the world.

Discover more special cuisines during a cooking workshop?  Enjoy the cuisines from Australia, Cambodia, Cuba, the Philippines, Laos, Malaysia and for example Mexico, Sri Lanka and South Africa with us. They are kitchens that you probably don’t come into contact with very often, but they have a lot to offer. During the cooking workshop we take you back to these wonderful holiday countries or we ensure that you can already dream away.

Organic and vegan

Are you specifically looking for a vegan cooking workshop or an organic cooking workshop? These are also themes that we would like to work on, just as with cooking without salt. None of these are reasons for not being able to cook well. Delicious ingredients are available both vegan and organic.

Cooking in Utrecht without salt

And salt is also not necessary for good cooking, thanks to herbs that can be a great alternative. We show you what is possible with the different fresh ingredients and how you can use them to create a delicious dish.We will tell you about the special possibilities in the kitchen and with a few useful tips we will ensure that you immediately learn how to cook better yourself. In addition, we ensure that you master the important skills from the ground up. In this way we make you all a slightly better cook in a relaxed atmosphere and environment, something that you will also enjoy at home.

Themes and local cuisines

In addition to the local kitchens for a cooking workshop, there are of course various themes available, with which we have a lot of experience. For example, would you like to make something special on the barbecue from now on? We explain about this way of cooking and how it differs from the possibilities in the kitchen. And in a similar way we like to explain about the possibilities with chocolate. It is an ingredient that we do not use much in the kitchen, but that has a lot to offer in the meantime.

We would like to teach you how to cook with whiskey or beer in a similar way. We associate these ingredients with the drinks as standard, but they are also very well suited as a basis for the dishes. And from a base olive oil also has a lot to offer, while insects can be a nice alternative to the proteins that we now obtain from meat and beef, for example. Based on the various themes, we organize a special cooking workshop in Utrecht, with which you learn to look at food and the different ingredients in a completely different way.

Cooking workshop in Utrecht with special themes

During a cooking workshop, everything is possible, of course based on your specific wishes. Would you like to cook with game or does it concern other specific ingredients that are very suitable for the occasion or your group? We are happy to listen to your wishes, to get started in a fun way. Moreover, our chef has experience with numerous local cuisines and special themes, which means that we are well versed in them and can devise a workshop around them.

Are you enthusiastic about the possibilities for a cooking workshop in? We are easily accessible from the center as well as from the region and the entire province. In our professional cooking studio everything is available for cooking in a very tasty way. We provide fresh ingredients and the important cooking supplies. Moreover, the drinks are of course also included, so you do not have to take them into account. We ensure that you will lack nothing, for a successful cooking workshop with a delicious dinner or a nice drink afterwards.

Organize a cooking workshop or do you have other questions? Call us on telephone number 030 73 700 51, send an email to or use the online contact.