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Cooking studio in Utrecht KEUKENvuur

Looking for a cooking studio in Utrecht, for example for a cooking workshop with friends, as a bachelor party or with the company? Our cooking studio in the Utrecht area is ideally suited for this. Of course everything is there to cook professionally, while our chef and employees are happy to help you with the most important basics.

Our cooking studio in the Utrecht region contains everything that the professional likes to cook with, while you can also work with it as a beginner. In this way, we are the ideal location for a fun cooking workshop, for example by theme, for a local kitchen or Cooking classes tailored to your wishes and standard based on a minimum of 10 people.

Tip: come and cook in our studio in Utrecht, but with less than 10 people? No problem, contact us for the possibilities.

In our studio, we ensure that you learn to cook deliciously during a 3-hour workshop. In the meantime, we provide the drinks, so that it is a wonderfully relaxed outing where you work together on a successful meal or special drink.

Cooking workshops in a professional kitchen

Are you curious about the different workshops that we organize in our cooking studio in the province of Utrecht?

We have divided them into a few clear categories:


Cooking studio in Utrecht KEUKENvuur |Theme workshops

Our themed workshops in the cooking studio for the Utrecht region are popular with companies as well as for bachelor parties. You can think of, for example, a workshop to learn how to cook with chocolate, just like with beer, insects or whiskey.

We would like to challenge you to let your imagination run wild, for special combinations and dishes during the workshop. In addition, we would like to help you learn to cook better with olive oil, to cooking as a medicine or with a real barbecue workshop.

The various themes match well with all kinds of occasions and preferences. In addition, we can take personal wishes into account to make it a successful workshop in our studio.

Local cuisines

Are you enthusiastic about a certain local cuisine and would you like to come and cook with it in our cooking studio in Utrecht? Even then you can choose from all kinds of delicious options. For example, come and cook Thai, Italian or Mexican with us. We know the various local cuisines and have put together nice workshops for this.

Of course we also ensure that we provide the drinks during these workshops. We do this as appropriate as possible, for example by selecting the available wines. That way it becomes a delicious meal that you can enjoy while cooking.

Besides the well-known cuisines, we also cook Sri Lanka, with the local cuisine of Costa Rica and, for example, that of Hawaii or Mauritius. Are you going on holiday to one of these countries soon or do you want to get in the mood one more time after returning? With the workshops of the local kitchens, we ensure that you can fully immerse yourself in the cuisine of the country of your preference.

Snack workshop

Do you like a good drink with special snacks? At our cooking studio in Utrecht, we know what tasty snacks are. We organize the workshop at our studio or at your location, both for individuals and companies. During the workshop we work on tasty snacks ( like Streetfood) and of course we provide all drinks. Wine and beer are also included, drinks that we can also coordinate with the snacks we make together. In this way it will be a nice workshop, in which you can enjoy all the goodies that are available during the preparation.

Cooking in Utrecht: center and surroundings

Do you want to cook in Utrecht, for example from the center or from the area?  We receive many requests from all over the region and province, as in a number of cases from outside. You can cook in vite you to our cooking studio in Utrecht, where we have plenty of options for groups of 10 people and more. We ensure that everything is readily available, so that you can cook with it in a pleasant way.

Come and cook within a specific theme, based on a local kitchen or to work together on a delicious drink. In Utrecht and surroundings we ensure that you can come and cook together.

Ideal way for a bachelor party or for a  company, as with other groups and companies to organize a nice special outing. In a number of cases, special wishes are possible. Tell us what you would like to take into account, and we will be happy to outline the options. In this way, we ensure that you will not lack anything at our cooking studio in Utrecht and that we ensure a successful day with a delicious meal or drink as a result.

Book our cooking studio in Utrecht for a cooking workshop or do you have other questions?

Call us on telephone number 030 73 700 51, send an email to or use the online contact form.