Cooking with apps makes it a lot easier, or provides the inspiration we’re looking for. We list 5 useful apps to make cooking easier and a surprising meal every day.

Handy recipe shaker and Appie app

Is the inspiration gone, or do you just want to put something special on the table? Then it is wise to use jumbo’s recipe shaker, or Albert Heijn’s Appie app. It is within the recipe shaker enough to shake once with the mobile phone. An original recipe appears on the screen, of course in combination with the necessary ingredients and the way of preparing.

An alternative is the Appie app from Albert Heijn. Also in that app are numerous recipes available, making it possible to put something different on the table every day. This app also ensures that it is clear which ingredients are needed with a shopping list. Thanks to the route planner for the various shops, it is even possible to share the shopping list in the smartest way.

Smulweb with shopping list (convenience serves man cooking with apps)

Another app with recipes is Smulweb, there are 350,000 recipes available in addition to 15,000 restaurants. In that respect, it is quite possible to put something else on the table yourself, or to eat out at a nice location nearby. In the app of Smulweb it is possible, among other things, to filter dishes based on the type of dish, the origin of the kitchen or a general theme. In addition, it is possible to book directly at restaurants in the area, so that it is not necessary to work in the kitchen yourself.

24Kitchen and Smart Cooking

24Kitchen is one of the favorite channels of many cooking lovers. The app should not be missing in that respect, thanks to the recipe of the day it is possible to come out surprisingly out of the corner. The clear cooking videos and extensive descriptions also make cooking a lot easier.

After all, Smart Cooking makes it easy to put an economical meal on the table. It’s an app from the Nutrition Center, which adapts to the number of people you want to cook for. You can use several useful apps to make cooking a lot easier.


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