Cooking with insects durable but also very tasty

Insects are not really popular in the Netherlands, or abroad. Many people find the idea of eating insects dirty, or don’t know where to start. Insects are expected to become a lot more popular in 2019. Sustainability, cooking trends and health play a major role in this.

Sustainable food with insects

Insects are not only tasty, but also durable. Compared to cows, pigs, chickens and other animals, it takes much less energy to get a portion of insects on your plate. Insects cost (proportionally) less feed, less manure and less space. Will insects be the solution to the increasing demand for food? Time will tell…

Insects in normal nutrition

You may not know it, but also in many normal foods are already insects processed. For starters, insects sometimes occur accidentally in food. This is because in many natural products small insects live. These are naturally cleaned, but a certain amount of insects remains allowed, because it is often impossible to remove them all. These are almost always minuscule, so you don’t like them. However, it may be that there is still some aphid on your sprouts.

Besides the fact that they are sometimes accidentally in your food, insects are sometimes also consciously added to food. The most famous example is probably the pink cake, or other products with a pink color. These are made pink using shield lice. Also, a secretion product of these insects is used as a gloss agent or wax in fruit and other products. These ingredients are often listed as e-number on the packaging. For example, the dye in the pink cake is E-120.

Cooking whith insects and health

Insects are similar to meat when it comes to nutritional value. They contain a lot of protein, but also vitamins and minerals. The protein content is generally slightly lower than that of chicken, beef or pig, but otherwise insects are a full-fledged meat substitute. In addition, the insects do not contain antibiotics or growth hormones, something that is sometimes a problem in normal meat.

Buy insects in the store

With the increasing world population and wealth in the world, there is an increasing demand for food. Insects can play a role in filling this question. It is therefore not a question of whether insects become popular, but when they become popular.

Today you can already go to the AH for “cereal” based on insects, or for a game of Buffalo worms. For the rest, the supermarkets generally still fail a bit. However, there are many large webshops where you can order insects cheaply to cook with. In short, enough ways to get insects!

Cooking workshop cooking with insects

If you want to experiment with insects in the kitchen, where do you start? If you want to learn how to cook with insects, take a look at our insect cooking workshop. Perfect for an outing with colleagues or with friends and guaranteed to be inspiring!

You’ll find out it’s not hard to cook with insects. You will also discover that a dish with insects can be very tasty. Finally, you push your limits as a cook and put something on the table that is not only tasty and sustainable, but also very healthy.

Learn to cook with insects? Check out our insect cooking workshop now,including alcoholic consumptions!

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