Now that the corona crisis is slowly coming to an end, the hospitality industry can reopen and people can enjoy each other’s company again, this is the perfect time to bring back the team feeling with a pleasant company outing. Whether you choose a cooking workshop with an exciting theme or with the local cuisine. At KEUKENvuur your team is very welcome.

Enjoy an exclusive cooking workshop

Company outings are meant to relax together, get to know each other better outside of work and build a stronger bond. Our cooking workshop not only ensures that everyone learns to put something tasty on the table, but also for a stronger and closer team. By going into the kitchen together you learn to work together in a different way. This is useful not only in the kitchen but also in the workplace and in the private sphere.

The workshop lasts about 3 hours and can be booked for a group of 10 people or more. Drinks, ingredients and cooking utensils are waiting for you at the start. Under the guidance of a professional chef, you will learn to master the basics of cooking and you will put together delicious dishes. After the workshop, all team members take home new skills with a well-filled belly. In short, our cooking workshop is an excellent way to combine relaxation, team building and conviviality.

Cooking workshop with a theme

The possibilities are endless, so there is always a theme that perfectly matches the wishes of the entire team. For example, are you going for a vegetarian or vegan menu, do you want to learn how to cook with chocolate or are you going on the adventure tour by cooking with insects?

Our cooking workshops are suitable for everyone. For example, if there are team members with allergies or hypersensitivity to certain ingredients, we take this into account. The workshop can be fully adapted to the wishes of the team. This will hopefully make it an unforgettable experience for the whole group. Are you curious about all the different themes we offer? View all themed cooking workshops here.

Cooking workshops at level

Cooking together is always fun and at KEUKENvuur we make sure that everyone has a good time. Are you looking for a cooking workshop where a professional chef teaches you the basics or does your team consist of true home chefs? Regardless of the cooking level of your team members, we create a unique and exclusive cooking workshop that the entire team can learn from. For example, our professional chefs ensure that novice chefs can focus on the basics while advanced cooks can improve their techniques. 

Our cooking workshop at the level ensures that everyone can put a delicious dish with a culinary edge on the table. Still, it’s not so important that the dish looks beautiful. Our cooking workshops are all about conviviality, atmosphere and taste. That is why we do everything we can to give everyone an unforgettable experience.

Cooking workshop with a theme

The best ideas are shared while cooking or at the table. Opt for a company outing that not only relaxes but also teaches you a new skill. This way, the whole team can get back to work in a good mood after a well-deserved company outing!

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