Cooking workshop in Utrecht

Organizing a cooking workshop in Utrecht? Our cooking studio is easily accessible from all over the province, as well as from the center of the city. At a beautiful location, we ensure that we have the space to cook with you, for example during a company outing or a bachelor party. We receive groups for all kinds of occasions, both for an Italian cooking workshop and for other themes, local cuisines and with the most delicious ingredients.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your birthday or looking for an activity for the department or the entire company? We ensure that you can organize a fun cooking workshop under the guidance of a professional chef. Discover special local cuisines or get started with a fun theme, both for drinks and dinner. And would you like to come and cook halal, vegetarian or gluten-free, for example? We will explain to you how that works from the ground up or we will put the finishing touches on the “i” if you already have more experience with it.

Discover the special local cuisines

Are you curious about the different special local cuisines to cook with? During a cooking workshop in Utrecht you can for example get started with Indonesian or Indian cuisine. They are popular cuisines, just like those from Thailand, Vietnam and, for example, Mexico. We also know the special ingredients from France, Caribbean, Costa Rica and, for example, the Philippines. It is the local cuisines with their own character that make hot ones special to get started with.

Are you going on vacation soon or do you want to go back to the Cambodia or, for example, Australia and the American Hawaii? We will take you to those special countries during a cooking workshop in the province of Utrecht. Discover the cuisines of Mauritius and, for example, Laos or popular Italy. We provide both the ingredients and matching drinks, which you can make unlimited use of during the workshop. In this way it will be a successful day anyway, and we will make sure that you will lack nothing.

Workshop with a theme

In addition to the local cuisines, we organize cooking workshops for the Utrecht center based on various themes.You can think of a seasonal menu that we will cook together, just like a barbecue workshop or a workshop with only chocolate. And do you fancy whiskey or for example a workshop where no salt is needed during cooking?  Or do you want a workshop cooking as a medicine or a olive oil tasting , so that we can really go in all directions with it. That way you can learn to cook in a very special way of course with 100% fresh ingredients.

We organize our cooking workshops in Utrecht as standard in our professional cooking studio. There we have access to all the important cooking utensils and there is enough space to accommodate everyone both to cook and to dine together afterwards. So now you can enjoy a delicious meal from a local kitchen or within a specific theme. And would you rather get started with drinks? That is also possible.Are you looking for a Dim Sum, Streetfood ,Tapas or Sushi cooking class ?

For companies and bachelor parties

We organize the cooking workshops in Utrecht for companies and bachelor parties. We ensure that there is enough space for everyone in the group. And do you think it is important to work together in an active way or to put the bachelor in the spotlight in a fun way?

We can even take that into account to make it a very special occasion. We are easily accessible from both Utrecht center and the rest of the province and the rest of the Netherlands. That means that everyone can get there easily and can also be on their way home quickly. From our location, we ensure that you can easily get together to enjoy a successful workshop together. Of course we round that off with a nice meal or a nice drink, depending on what you have worked on together.

Cooking workshop in Utrecht

Organizing a cooking workshop in the province of Utrecht or looking for a suitable location from the center? We ensure that you can come and cook in a special way, where we prepare everything. We do the shopping and make sure there are enough drinks available including a beer or a nice wine so that you will not lack it. During the workshop we provide the guidance that you wish, by a professional chef who can explain in clear language how to take the dishes to a higher level.

Are you curious about the possibilities of a cooking workshop in Utrecht and what you should take into account? Then use our cooking class help. Based on a few questions, we discover more about your plans and what you are thinking about. Based on this, we can make you a tailor-made proposal, so that you know where you stand and what you can expect from us.

Organize a cooking workshop in Utrecht or do you have other questions? Call us on telephone number 030 73 700 51, send an email to or use the online contact.