Whether you’re a corporate team, a non-profit, or a jewelry shop, one thing is true: Cooking Workshops Will Teach Your Team Their Culinary ABCs.

Suppose you’re looking for the best way to get your team collaborating and communicating in an un-rushed atmosphere. In that case, our workshops have it all!

These workshops provide the tools, time, and recipes you need to let each of you shine individually while also learning to work together. And if you’re not into spending the day in the kitchen, then I’ve got some great news!

A cooking workshop will get your team feeling like they are on reality TV. People enjoy participating in a process from beginning to end where something delicious is the final result. The immediate benefits of being a part of a group cooking class are socializing and making new friends.

Whether you want to create a new team-building experience or spice up your end-of-year client party, cooking classes are a great way to bring everyone together.

Food preparation workshops are an exciting method to study food from all over the world and discover brand-new food preparation methods.

At KEUKENvuur, we integrated our passion for eating delicious food with our professional experience as chefs to create cooking workshops that address the need of any group while providing an exciting experience!

Goal-Driven and Engaging

You can choose to take any of our three-hour team-building cooking classes and turn it into a competition! You can be just like Iron Chef, cooking in a professional kitchen with Chefs.

Typically, we like to make the competitions simple tasks that require teamwork. Although the surface goal may be to win or cook something faster than the other team, the real intention is to create fun tasks that require everyone to work together.

Along with discovering exactly how to make a dish in our industrial cooking area, your workers will indeed find out the worth of their very own initiatives and simply exactly how effective they can be when functioning as a system.

Innovative cooking classes

Doing business in the fast-paced world of food service is never an easy task. However, with some guidance and creativity in the kitchen, you can develop your skills and become more efficient.

Whether you are taking a class because you want to hone your skills or because you want to encourage teamwork across your organization, with the help of our trained professional chefs, anything is possible in our Utrecht kitchen!

Check out our featured courses from our culinary innovation teams. You will be on your way to getting better at cooking quickly when you indulge in a cooking class at KEUKENvuur!

Our cooking courses will undoubtedly influence your staff members to occupy the reins of management by tapping into their analytic abilities and building trust to create their own innovative choices in our kitchens. However, cooking is so much more than feeding yourself. You have to execute decision-making leadership skills, make difficult judgment calls quickly, and lead a team.

Our master cooks are your advisors throughout your entire cooking experience. They provide suggestions and directions as you prepare your dish and motivate you to include imagination as one of the components by offering final obstacles and various other possibilities for ingenious food preparation.

4 Reasons Why Cooking Workshops at KEUKENvuur are the Perfect Activity:

Our team of professional chefs will guide your group to success!

That indicates the food will undoubtedly be excellent– and also there will certainly be a lot of it!

You can be as proactively a part of the food preparation procedure as you desire. Whether you want to help prep the mise-en-place, you would prefer to focus on plating the dish, or you have no interest in cooking but would like to taste everything at the end. No matter what role you would like to play, we have something we can offer you.

Cooking food together as a group is exciting.

The demands of your business can be challenging and even overwhelming at times.

Providing an opportunity for your team to gather outside of the workplace to work together and create something unique is very exciting. While some organizations will choose to overlook the importance of team building and off-site events, we know the difference it can make!

Do not overlook your team’s need to be together, outside of work, doing something creative and fun. The benefits can be immeasurable – from higher productivity in the office to stronger relationships and communication.

You do not need to be a professional to cook fantastic food and eat a delicious meal.

Most people have a hard time identifying their passions and crafting creative self-expression from within themselves.

The truth is you don’t need to be a pro or have many dollars to appreciate your own gourmet meal.

People at work are so passionate about what they do because if they don’t have a passion they can connect with, then they’re bored and disorganized and likely to do a poor job. Cooking gives you that creative outlet so you can feel like you’re really making an impact in the world.

Kitchens are a welcoming, supportive place where it is okay to make mistakes and learn quickly.

Warmth and affection are two things that most people associate with kitchens.

This comforting feeling could be because of the food nostalgic that is prepared there or because most interactions in the kitchen are very positive and remind people of their families.

Learning a new dish, eating a nostalgic meal, and sharing food are all things that make people very happy.

Frequently asked questions about our cooking workshops:


Will I Get My Own Cooking Station And Make My Own Meal?


The answer to this question all depends on how many people are taking the class with you!

If you have only a few people, it is possible to have your own station and make your very own meal. However, if you have a large group, everyone will likely share the space and cooking responsibilities.

How many people do you usually recommend for cooking workshops?

At KEUKENvuur, we always recommend a class with at least ten people if possible. But, we can accommodate smaller or larger groups if required.

If you have any specific questions, please submit a form with your event information, and we will contact you right away with more details.

What Kind Of Cuisine Do You Teach?

We provide a global perspective in our culinary offerings. With classes ranging from local specialties, African Cuisines, Caribbean Cuisines to American Cuisines, we have something for everyone.

We even teach our own Dim Sum, Sushi, and Sashimi classes! To view a complete listing of our cooking classes and workshops, click here.

I Am A Vegan. Can You Accommodate Me?

Yes, definitely! We offer a Vegan cooking class that can accommodate you.

If you are a vegetarian, we also offer a vegetarian cooking class. But, if there are other classes you are interested in, like Thai cooking or Indian cooking, please contact us. Depending on the themed workshop, we can work together to see if we can accommodate your dietary restrictions.

Do I Need To Bring Anything To Class?

Yes, all students are required to come to class hungry!

If you have an apron that is special to you or a particular knife that you prefer to use, feel free to bring them along. But, know that our kitchen has everything you will need to prepare a multi-course meal and eat it easily.

Will I Get To Eat What We Cooked Together in the Workshop?

Definitely! Once we have successfully created every dish together, there will be an opportunity for you to sit down with other participants and enjoy the meal you just made.

Who teaches all of your different cooking classes and workshops?

We are very lucky to have a highly talented group of professional chefs who lead all of our other cooking classes and seminars!

What is the weirdest cooking class you offer?

At KEUKENvuur, we pride ourselves on being progressive and innovative. And, that idea does not stop when we get in front of cutting boards and stovetops.

We love all of our classes equally. But, according to most attendees, cooking with insects is probably our “weirdest,” most delicious cooking class.

During our cooking with insects workshop, together, we will create a three-course menu based on triobolo worms, grasshoppers, and buffalo worms.

Do I Have To Buy/ Bring An Apron?

The answer to this question is totally up to you.

We have aprons in the kitchen that you can use if you would like. If you have an apron at home that you love and that means something to you, feel free to bring it to our cooking class (but do not forget to take it home with you). If you want to purchase an apron, you can do so in the kitchen or online before the class!

When Are Your Classes?

You can view all of our classes here.

Please submit a form with your event details, and we can coordinate a date and time that works for everyone involved.

Do You Teach At People’s Homes?

At this moment, KEUKENvuur does not provide at-home chef services.

However, we are located centrally in the heart of Utrecht, and we provide parking for anyone who is joining us for a class. If there is anything else we can do to accommodate your needs, please let us know.

I’m not the best chef. Do I need to know anything to join one of your different classes?

Never. Our classes are crafted for anyone to take. You do not need any previous cooking experience. We are here to help you learn something new and find confidence in your skills.

The only requirement is that every attendee must come with an appetite and ready to learn something new!

I am passionate about Beer. Do you have any offerings for something with beer?

Yes! There are various beers available with different complexities in flavor, and because of this, Beer can be an excellent component to use when creating dishes!

We have a particular cooking class dedicated to cooking (and drinking) beers. In this class, we work with local Beer and Geuzenkriek.

Beer adds a complex layer of flavor when applied correctly. In this three-hour cooking workshop, you will enjoy a three-course dinner menu where each item will highlight a beer! And, of course, there will be beer pairings with each course.


A cooking workshop is far more than cooking food and eating it. Whether your team is tapping into their leadership skills or strengthening their communication, culinary adventures provide more than something yummy. 

No matter who you are or where you’re at in your business, there will always be something you can improve upon. Trading favs, following trends, and learning new techniques are all great ways to grow your knowledge and gain new connections while cooking up tasty creations for your team.

With our team of professional chefs and our beautiful facility located in the heart of Utrecht, KEUKENvuur has so many things to offer to your team. So challenge your team with something exciting, new, and delicious.

Submit your event details here, and we will contact you as soon as possible to coordinate your next memorable team-building experience!

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