Unfortunately, on April 24th all restaurants are still closed. The hospitality entrepreneurs are still struggling.  So what to do on a beautiful Saturday at the end of April? We will support the hospitality industry and do a restaurant  walk through the heart of Amsterdam.  You can choose from 3 types of tours.

The grey route takes you to:

  • DenC (Albacore tuna | tataki | marinated radis | ginger)
  • Johannes (Carabineros | compote tomato | Tom  Ka  Kai  | Gumashio)
  • Bistro Neuf (Pie of Dutch asparagus | smoked salmon | samphire | chive mayonnaise)
  • Arles (| karamel rice  | vanilla | noten)


The pink route will take you to:

  • Sinne* (Mackerel ceviche | corn | red onion | coriander | Citrus vinaigrette)
  • Senses (Tartare of sea bass | tomato | feta | basil | herring roe)
  • Wolf (Steak tartare | BBQ prawn | chives | French dressing | badger look)
  • John Dory ( Strawberry Lambada strawberries | farmer’s yoghurt | basil)


The white route will take you to:

  • Vermeer* (Barbecued beetroot | black miso | citrus granola)
  • Senses (Tartare of sea bass | tomato | feta | basil | herring roe)
  • Bridges (Witte asparagus | garden pea | egg yolk | hazelnut butter | vintage soy)
  • De Silveren Spiegel (Strawberry cremeux | curd | marinated strawberries | lime ice cream | vinaigrette of pink  pepper  and mint)
  • * Sinne and Vermeer are Michelin star restaurants


Corona 2021 a restaurant walk in the heart of Amsterdam

We chose the white route because I finally wanted to go to the Sint Nicolaaskerk. Been on the list to visit for a while , so a great opportunity to do it!

The St. Nicholas Church is open for a limited time, on Saturdays from 12:00-15:00. This was our first place of destination and immediately afterwards also the starting point of the restaurant. What a fantastically beautiful church that is!

After we were able to cross the St. Nicholas Church off the list, we movedon. Actually, it’s pretty crazy that you walk into a church all over the world but not in one of the most important churches in your hometown!   If you are in the area:  it is really worth it.

Right next to the Sint Nicolaas church is restaurant Vermeer in the Barbizon Palace  hotel

You walk into the restaurant and you pass on your name and then you get:

Barbecued beetroot black miso  citrus granola Vermeer dish restaurant walk


Just walked around the corner and had dinner in front of the Sint Olofskapel  a pretty old piece of Amsterdam with a rich history. the Barbecued beetroot black miso citrus granola was a fine dish for afternoon lunch

Then walked over the Oudezijds Voorburgwal towards Bridges. The restaurant is located in Sofitel Legend The Grand, located in amsterdam’s old town hall.  Once worked in my early years as an independent  cook. i also met mr roux there once. Once there walked into the restaurant and  ordered a wine. A friendly lady of service comes to serve it outside on the street.  

White asparagus |doperwt | egg yolk | beurre noisette | vintage soy

While sitting outside on a bench eating this great dish! with a delicious wine it is still a special experience.

A restaurant walk in the heart of Amsterdam

From the Sofitel Legend The Grand walked past the Radison Sas hotel. I used to work here too! A beautiful hotel with a fantastic Atrium at the reception. If you are in the area, walk in or go and stay there for a night!

There are more beautiful hotels in that area, by the way. We walked past the L’Europe hotel to restaurant Senses. Same ritual as the two previous restaurants. What they really thought about was the wine. They had put this in a handy bottle so that you could easily take it with you. What we got there:

Sea bass tartare | tomato | Feta | basil | herring roe

Looked for a place to eat the dish and drink the wine. This time right in front of Mrs Halsema’s official residence,  great view!

The sea bass tartare looked beautiful and the wine was nicely matched to the dish again. And then just a walk in beautiful Amsterdam with wonderful sunshine. So over the canals and then towards the Haarlemmerstraat. In between you had some coffee and grabbed an oyster,well if you are on the culinary tour why not!

Then on  the way to restaurant de Silveren Spiegel. Beautiful old restaurant. We were warmly received by the owner. During our conversation,  somehow the restaurant the Swarte  Schaep came up. Turned out the owner of this restaurant was my old colleague,  little world after all that HORECA!

Strawberry crèmeux  | hangop | marinated strawberries | lime ice cream | vinaigrette of pink pepper and mint


Of course we had a delicious glass of dessert wine. All in all a special way to take a nice walk through the now quiet city of Amsterdam during this Corona period. Other big cities also have these kinds of walks I think the next One will be Utrecht.

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