Cosy horror – KEUKENvuur Halloween special

A few more days until Halloween! This holiday, which is increasingly celebrated in the Netherlands, guarantees creepy outfits. But not only with your clothes you can make something beautiful, but also in the kitchen! That’s why in this Halloween special you’ll find delicious Halloween recipes, pumpkin recipes, Halloween snacks and much more inspiration for a fantastic day (and night).

Cooking for Halloween? Pumpkin is your friend!

On many holidays, there is extensive cooking. Also, many holidays have their own delicacies and specialties when it comes to food. At Halloween, pumpkin is perhaps the most important ingredient, where it is usually used to make creepy lanterns, also called Jack-o’-lanterns.

In addition, pumpkin is of course also used for cooking. The advantage of pumpkin is that it is not only very tasty, but also very healthy! In addition, pumpkin is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Finally, pumpkin allows you to vary endlessly and there are both savoury and sweet recipes available. That’s 5 birds with one stone if you ask us?!

Pumpkin recipes, Halloween recipes and Halloween nibbles

The possibilities for Halloween are endless. Of course pumpkin is one of the most important ingredients, but there are many more recipes you can make on Halloween. How about:

    • Delicious pumpkin soup is of course easy to make. Did you know that you can also make risotto with pumpkin? And how about  pumpkin oil balls  or  pumpkin pizza? All of them top-of-the-league tickets that will get you even more into the Halloween atmosphere.
    • Besides pumpkin, however, there are other typical Halloween dishes. A good example are potato cookies.
    • For those who don’t fancy pumpkin or other typical Halloween dishes, but want to make tasty snacks, there is of course plenty to choose from. How about delicious tapas,beautiful  dim sum or exotic street food?

Cosy horror – KEUKENvuur Halloween special

Whatever you’re looking for, our recipe database will provide plenty of inspiration for some delicious Halloween dishes, or other dishes. This way you will not only make Halloween a horror party, but also a culinary delight!

Halloween, winter is coming!

Besides that Halloween guarantees a nice holiday, this is also the signal that winter is coming again. Halloween is traditionally celebrated on October 31. And although it’s not really Winter’s weather yet, it won’t be long before the cold also arrives in our little frog country! And what could be better than an old Dutch stew? Dutch dishes always do well in winter, but for those who want to unpack a little more or give it a culinary twist there is also plenty to choose from:

    • Make this delicious winter stew  of postelein with bacon and Romero rosemary;
    • Add a winter shade to your pasta with this Winter pasta  with Chorizo;
    • Bring out the barbecue in winter! A Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg is perfect as a winter barbecue!
      As you can see, there is plenty to vary in the kitchen during Halloween and in winter. Do you know what you’re going to make?

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