Cambodian cooking class

The Cambodian cooking workshop lasts 3 hours                                  You pay € 85 per person (including VAT)

Cambodia is the country of world-famous Kampot pepper grains and the land of the Mekong River, where large quantities of fish swim. But Cambodia is also the land of a wide variety of tropical fruits and pickled vegetables. Join a Cambodian cooking workshop and learn more.

A Taste of the Local Cuisine of Cambodia

Apart from rice and fish, there is much more that Cambodian cuisine is known for, and you will learn about it during the Cambodian cooking workshop. Fermented sauces, pickled vegetables, and pepper are the main flavor enhancers. Unlike other countries in Southeast Asia, chili is used much less here. These ingredients form the basis of some delicious Cambodian dishes. Cambodian cuisine sets itself apart from other countries by using Kampot pepper instead of chili. Pickled vegetables are also very popular, and due to the country’s location, fish is a common part of the diet.

What’s Included in the Cambodian Cooking Workshop

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

All ingredients and cooking equipment

Including VAT

Price based on groups of at least 10 people

Book a Cambodian Cooking Workshop

Curious about what Cambodian cuisine has in store for you? Then come to our Cambodian Cooking Workshop. In 3 hours, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through this beautiful country, and you’ll prepare several delicious dishes yourself. This workshop is perfect for a corporate outing or a day of fun with friends or family.

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