tapas cooking class

The Tapas Cooking Workshop lasts 3 hours                            The price for this workshop is € 72,50 per person (including VAT).

A tapas cooking workshop with fresh Spanish ingredients. Culinarily travel with us to the most beautiful areas in Andalusia, where we prepare the most delicious dishes together with you. We work on both well-known and lesser-known dishes, making it accessible or providing a more advanced workshop. Our professional chef knows the tastiest ingredients and is happy to explain how you can purchase them to use in your cooking. We organize a tapas cooking workshop where we provide more information about both Andalusia and its eating habits, as well as the fresh ingredients we work with. They are essential for cooking delicious Spanish dishes, just as the Spaniards would.

Discover Authentic Tapas

We always make our tapas with 100% fresh ingredients, which we source in the highest possible quality. This way, you can taste the real Spain, guided by a professional chef. We provide more information about the ingredients and how to prepare them best. During the workshop, we are available for questions and offer the guidance you prefer.

Together, we work on 10 to 11 delicious tapas dishes, just as the Spaniards would enjoy them. Additionally, we serve the tapas in typical Spanish dishes for an authentic presentation of the whole experience. It becomes a particularly successful workshop, suitable for corporate outings, as well as for celebrating a bachelor party. Looking to celebrate your birthday in a special way or another special occasion? We have various fun options for that as well.

A tapas cooking workshop is a delightful way to work together. During the workshop (making tapas), enjoyment and good food are central, along with the drinks that naturally accompany them. Fancy a good glass of red wine from Spain or any of the other beverages? We make sure to have everything ready so that you don’t have to worry about it. It’s one of the elements that customers appreciate in our tapas cooking workshops, and they gladly come back to get to know other cuisines better.

What’s Included in the Tapas Cooking Workshop

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

All ingredients and cooking equipment

Price based on groups of at least 10 people

Book a Tapas Cooking Workshop

Do you have any questions or special preferences and/or allergies regarding the cooking workshop? Please feel free to contact us for more information about the Tapas Cooking Workshop.