Vegetarian / Vegan cooking workshop

The Vegetarian/Vegan cooking workshop lasts 3 hours                                  You pay € 72.50 per person. (including VAT)

Please note: the vegan workshop costs an additional € 12.50 per person. It is possible to combine a vegetarian workshop with vegan dishes for vegan guests.

In this cooking workshop, we invite you to discover the limitless possibilities of plant-based dishes and learn how to prepare flavorful, nutritious, and creative meals without animal products.

A Taste of the Vegan Cuisine

The vegetarian and vegan cuisine is not only an ethical or health choice but also a celebration of the abundance and diversity of nature. Guided by our experienced chefs, you will learn all about vegan and vegetarian recipes. Whether you are already a seasoned vegetarian or vegan or just curious about plant-based cooking, this workshop will open your eyes to the endless culinary possibilities of a diet without animal products.

In our workshops, we emphasize the use of local and seasonal ingredients. By choosing products that are grown close to home and at their peak of freshness and nutritional value, we not only guarantee the best taste but also contribute to a more sustainable food chain. Using local products means less transportation, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions and a smaller ecological footprint.

Furthermore, opting for seasonal products helps respect and support the natural cycle of the Earth. It also means that you can enjoy a diverse diet tailored to the different seasons of the year.

What’s Included in the Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking Workshop

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

All ingredients and cooking equipment 

Including VAT

Price based on groups of at least 10 people

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