A cutting board is a shelf that you use to cut up food. For hygiene purposes, it is advisable to use a separate cutting board for different types of food. There are sets of cutting boards in different colors, so you can use a different cutting board for each type of food. For example, you use red to cut raw meat, blue for cutting fish and green for cutting vegetables.

Different types of cutting boards plastic, glass or wood?

Cutting boards are made from different materials, but plastic glass and wood are the most common. These materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wood is a good material to cut, but the porousness of the material makes it more difficult to disinfect. For this reason, it is already forbidden to use wooden cutting boards in the catering industry. A plastic or glass cutting board is easier to clean and you can often put them in the dishwasher. Glass has the disadvantage that it is a bumpy material, which makes cutting less easy.

Serve your snacks on a nice cutting board

It may sound unusual, but you can serve your meals in a fun and original way on a cutting board. A wooden cutting board may be less hygienic than a glass or plastic cutting board, but it is ideal for serving snacks. If you use a nice cutting boards in a special shape, you can use them to serve a dish or snacks in a nice way. Especially small snacks like tapas come into its own on a cutting board. A cheese board can also be served in a nice way on a nice shelf. There are many special cutting boards to be found in different shapes, materials and sizes.


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