Those tasty little dishes, steamed, fried or deepfried: that’s Dim Sum. A Cantonese specialty that you eat together with friends or family. Dim Sum cooking class a nice way to end your week or start it.

The different types of Dim Sum

They come in many different shapes and sizes. Steamed, fried or deepfried and with all kinds of fillings. Fillings for Dim Sum with meat, fish, vegetables, crustaceans or vegetarian. There are as many as 1,000 different species. The kitchen masters from Hong Kong specialize in folding Dim Sum into all kinds of beautiful shapes. Dim Sum can be folded in the shape of a cat, smiling nun or a squid to name a few. Traditionally, they are served in bamboo baskets from which you can grab the various Dim Sums.

Enjoy the Dim Sum specialties from Cantonese cuisine together

If you walk into a traditional Dim Sum restaurant with a small group, you may just find yourself sitting at a table with other guests. That’s because the tables in most restaurants are big enough for 10 to 12 guests. And then it happens! A lady with a trolley walks past your table and on that trolley there are 6 to 8 types of Dim Sums. When the cart is empty, the lady goes back to the kitchen for a load of new Dim Sums.

What to drink at Dim Sum

Tea, tea and more tea! That’s probably because the first Dim Sum was served in a teahouse. That tradition of drinking tea at Dim Sum has always remained. You can choose from:

You are supposed to pour tea for the other guests first and then for yourself. Also nice and easy: when you run out of tea leave the lid open and in no time a waiter will come to fill the teapot again.

Home Dim Sum make the basic ingredients

Won Ton sheet for steaming Dried black beans Rice vinager Hoi Sin saus
Won Ton sheet for deepfrying Dried shitake Soy sauce dark Oyster sauce
Gyoza sheets Waterchestnut Soy sauce light Plum sauce
Spring roll sheets Dread judas ears Sesame oil Fish sauce
Pancakes for Duck Dried bamboe Rice wine Bean sauce

These are some basic ingredients that you can get in your home if you want to make Dim Sum yourself. Many of these ingredients can also be used for other Asian dishes.

Once you have obtained the Won ton of skins and the Gyoza sheets, you will immediately see the difference between a Dim Sum and a Dumpling. Often a Dumpling is just a little more filled. You can also use the Won Ton sheets to make a delicious Won ton of soup.

Cooking class Dim Sum

Don’t feel like bringing in all the basic ingredients for the Dim Sum? Then follow a Dim Sum workshop with us. A nice cozy varied workshop for a group of friends or as a fun teambuilding outing for your colleagues.

Kitchen materials for making steamer, steam oven or cooking anyway

In terms of kitchen equipment, you need a steamer or you can buy from the toko of those handy bamboo baskets (are not expensive). If you have a steam oven, it is even easier to prepare Dim Sum. Should you possibly. have a rice cooker then you could also cook Dim Sum in it. You can easily pre-make the Dim Sums for a party. Most varieties are easy to store in the freezer. This way you can serve your own made Dim Sum at any party without stress!

Dim Sum sauces seasonings

Dim Sum already has a lot of flavor of its own, but to refine that taste, various sauces are served with it.

Small tip: if you don’t want the sauce to be all over your plate, put a napkin on your plate so that it will be slightly oblique. That way, the sauce stays in one place and it doesn’t become such a mess.

The most popular Dim Sum

  • Shrimp dumpling
  • Chicken legs steamed in black bean sauce (only for the real lover)
  • Bun filled with sticky BBQ pork
  • Tart with a sweet custerd (looks a bit like a pastel de nata)
  • Dim Sum filled with shrimps
  • Baked rettich tart
  • Bun filled with minced meat, spices and water chestnut
  • Dim Sum filled with a mix of shrimp and chicken
  • Steamed filled rice balls with all kinds of fillings
  • Bun filled with a salty custerd


Cooking class Dim Sum is also fun to do for vegetarian or vegans guest

The Dim Sum dishes that you will prepare during the Dim Sum workshop are suitable for vegetarian or vegan guests. During this workshop you will be accompanied by a chef and you will make, eat and drink the tastiest Dim Sum dishes in 3 hours.

Send an email  and inquire about the possibilities.

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