Discover different types of lobster in a cooking workshop Lobster is a special product in the kitchen, we like to cook with it, but are often unaware of the different varieties available. For example, how do you see the difference between a male or a female and what is the difference between a hard shell or a soft shell? Learn to discover different types of lobster with a workshop.

Different types of lobsters

There are different types of lobsters, in the Netherlands and Belgium we mainly encounter lobsters. Elsewhere, crawfish and lobsters are also sold, here we don’t find much of them. Within the lobsters we distinguish among others the Canadian, American and European lobster. The Canadian and American lobster have a somewhat brownish color, while the European lobster on the other hand is more blue-black in color. We also know them as ‘blue lobsters’.

Are you buying a Canadian or American lobster? Then consider the difference between hard shells and soft shells. The lobsters with a hard carcass have a wider tail and in the legs there is considerably more meat. Hard shell lobsters are therefore often more expensive than soft shell lobsters. A male or female can be identified by the presence of red-colored eggs after cooking, or by the finer ‘bits’ of a female lobster on the bottom, often crossed.

Workshop cooking with lobster

During a workshop cooking with lobster you will learn to discover different types of lobster with a workshop. We get to work with this beautiful product and make a special meal. Of course, we also give tips on how to buy and store lobster, to deal with it in the right way. This offers practical tools to buy lobster yourself and achieve this, for example at Christmas or during another special occasion. In this way, a workshop cooking with lobster is always a special experience, with a product from european waters, for example.


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