Are you looking for an excellent barbecue, with which during the summer months you can eat outdoors and make sure that the meat and fish have a delicious taste? Then use the Grill Dome Kamado. This is a special barbecue that uses ceramics, a material we know from a large number of other high-quality applications.

Cooking in ceramics or pottery is called Kamado, with which the name of the Grill Dome Kamado is immediately clear. We as humanity have been using this for thousands of years, as the pots, schools and ovens were always made of pottery. The ceramic is more resistant to heat than metal, for example. In addition, ceramics retain the moisture, so with the Grill Dome Kamado you will ensure that the BBQ will keep the meat and fish deliciously juicy and tender.

Special kind of ceramics

We still use ceramics, although this is mainly done in aerospace. In addition, we work with this within the automotive and medical industries. In this respect, it is not surprising that ceramics are not simply suitable for use in a BBQ, you have to use a special type for this. Ceramic is itself very hard and resistant to the heat, but it is also to a certain extent porous. With the Grill Dome Kamado you choose an ideal application of this material, in the form of Terapex. This is a form of ceramic developed by Grill Dome, which contains all the ideal properties to ensure the proper application of this material in the BBQ, allowing you to prepare delicious pieces of meat and fish.

Grill Dome Kamado met special Airflow Design

The Grill Dome Kamado also uses a special Airflow Design. This creates a clean stone effect, which means that the BBQ is ready for use after about 10 minutes. You can’t just do that with a regular charcoal barbecue, which will make the Grill Dome Kamado of great added value. On the other hand, it is of course possible to make the Grill Dome Kamado with the well-known kindling cubes, so you do not have to use dangerous liquids. Then the Grill Dome Kamado is quickly at temperature and you can also use it in autumn or winter, provided the temperature allows it to go outside yourself.

Cooking workshop

Enthusiastic about cooking, or want to get started culinary? Sign up for one of the cooking workshops and learn how to prepare the cream of the salmon, or how to make delicious sushi during a party, for example. During the BBQ  cooking workshops you will get an explanation about preparation methods and foods, but above all we will get started with different ingredients and dishes.

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