Food is the most luscious component of our day to day lives. Ranging from regional to international dishes every dish excites the taste buds in its unique way. Trying out new dishes is like adding more romance to our appetite. New dishes also expose a person to the distinctive and vibrant culture of its origin. Here is an article on some nine famous Dutch foods to make you drool.

Are you planning a trip to the Netherlands? Taking a stroll down Anne Frank’s house, climbing Het Schip, and getting lost in the cobblestone streets makes for an unforgettable Dutch experience. The Netherlands wouldn’t be complete without sampling the famous Dutch food. 

Food plays an essential role in Dutch culture. It was about hundreds of years ago that the Dutch changed many of their habits influenced by their colonies and adopted many new customs, making their cuisine more cosmopolitan. There are some famous Dutch foods known for their unreal tastes. While the taste of other street foods is heavenly. Explore some of Amsterdam’s street food to get a sense of the city’s passion for street food.

A list of the nine most popular Dutch street foods

1)Stroopwafel- Have you tried this famous Dutch snack? Try this famous Dutch food next time when you visit Amsterdam. The Dutch stroopwafel is the perfect option for gourmets. With two thin layers of dough and a delicious caramel topping, this waffle cookie is sure to please. An exclusive cookie filled with butter, eggs, yeast and brown sugar, sliced horizontally.

 It is easy to find the best Dutch snack- Stroopwafels, a fluffy waffle that is absolutely delicious, can be found in most Dutch supermarkets. For the best quality, you can visit Albert Cuyp Mafor in Amsterdam.

2)Patatje oorlogAlso known as Vlamsee frietan or patatje oorlog, this classic Dutch snack is a Dutch equivalent to ‘french fries’. Fries here are typically thicker than those found in other parts of the world. Traditionally, fries filled with chopped tomatoes and onions, mayonnaise, and some street-styled sauces make up this famous Dutch food. Created in Belgium, this street food has won the hearts of tourists all over the world.

Where to find this best Dutch snack- Take a stroll through the Mannekin Pis Damrak 41 in the Amsterdam street food area to look for it.

3) Poffertjes- These are the famous small Dutch pancakes. Butter and brown sugar are served with them, along with a mixture of yeast and wheat flour. Famous winter baked pancakes are more often served as snacks than for breakfast. In most shops, you can find this dish, topped with all kinds of filling including whipped cream, rum and strawberries.

Where to find this pancake- You can find this dish in every corner of the country during Christmas and New Year.

4) Stamppot– A classic and traditional Dutch dish that means “mashed pot”. Kale, spinach, and carrots are blended with mashed potatoes for this popular dish. Rookworst makes it the perfect accompaniment to this well-known winter dish. The dish is usually served with bacon, other types of smoked meat, and sausages nowadays.

Where to find this famous Dutch foods – Stamppotje, a local company specializing in this dish, serves it in multiple varieties. 

5)Kibbeling- This is a famous Dutch food item containing fishes. There is a variety of fish here soaked in batter and served with the famous Dutch-style sauces. The street food dish you’ll find in Amsterdam can be eaten as a snack with salad and fries in the evening.

Where to find this dish The Dutch sell this delicious seafood dish along their streets and wherever they sell herring. 

6) Kapsalon- This is a famous Dutch-style fried potato filled with meat, salads, and various sauces. Vegetarians can eliminate the meat item by topping it with falafel. The invention of this street item is the subject of rumours. In many native areas, this item originated when a barber requested fries with a plate of meat topped by shawarma on top of another dish with grilled portions.

Where to find this dishPopular throughout the Netherlands for its taste, this dish can be found all over.

7)Frikandel- Both deep-fried and fried, this sausage is very famous throughout the Netherlands. A skinless sausage made of meat was served for the first time in the 1950s. In Belgium and the Netherlands, these dishes are made with pork, chicken, and sometimes even horses. Traditionally, this street item is served with dipped mayonnaise.

Where to find this street-styled dish- This dish is available all throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. You can visit some FEBO vending cafes in Amsterdam street food areas.

 8)Hollandse Nieuwe- National food of Amsterdam. In the Netherlands, this is probably one of the most renowned and famous dishes. It’s a typical food item you can try. Famous for its rawness, this dish is served with raw herring dipped in chopped onions. This is a festival dish and people enjoy it by having sandwiches together. This traditional and national food of Amsterdam Dutch dish is regarded as special in the months of May and July. This dish is frequently served with pickles in many regions.

Where to find this traditional dutch item- This dish can be found in shops and street stands throughout the Netherlands.

9) Kroket- Known as one of the most popular Dutch foods, Kroket is renowned for its unique taste. This bread roll is filled with meat inside. Served with mustard, this is a dish prepared with beef, chicken and sometimes with some veggies. This is a famous evening dish served with burgers and white bread in cafes.

Where to find this street food This is a famous dish found in common outlets like Macdonalds. Also, famous FEBO vending machines serve this dish all over Amsterdam street food stalls. The two well-known places where you can try this food are ‘Van Dobben’ and ‘Kwekkeboom’.

If you are in Amsterdam, you can visit Netherlands food and drink locations like Vleminckx or Manneken Pis and Wok to Walk for more delicious food. Visiting famous sightseeing spots can make you hungry, so try these famous Dutch foods.

Enjoy these best Dutch snacks.  

‘Fijne dag’

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