Eating at the Jane in Antwerp

Finally, it was that far. Often tried to make a reservation and eventually succeeded anyway. So October 31st a lunch reservation 13:00 at The Jane in Antwerp. What an incredibly beautiful case this is!

The sun shone right through the stained glass windows all over our table and it was nice and busy. Even more beautiful! We were a few feet away from the kitchen. So there you could see exactly what a top sport these ladies and gentlemen were practicing there. With military precision (perhaps because it was an old military hospital), the kitchen brigade sent around 1,080 dishes to the service in a matter of hours. Who in turn brought the dishes to the table in a very professional way within no time. Also nice: it was spent by a very skilled lady who really had an eye on everything. She must have been a general in the army in her previous life! So close to the kitchen you get a good idea what needs to be done to serve you as a guest a special 12-course menu.

Eating at the Jane in Antwerp

Jane’s flavours of the 31e october

The Jane oesters, ceviche, kaffir, aji amarillo

Oesters, ceviche, kaffir, aji amarillo 

Chawanmushi, abalone, sea ​​urchin, truffle soy vinaigrette

Risotto, Oosterscheldeeel, eelherbs

Arctica islandica 57° 07´ 12ʺ n 08° 37´ 12ʺ e

Blue fin, ponzu, shiitake, radis

Marinated langoustine, tomato, zucchini, lentils

Langoustine xl a la nage

Sea bream, northseacrab, bbq cabbage shaoxing

noorse coquille, belgian caviar, schelpenjus bij de Jane in Antwerpen

Norwegian scalopp, royal belgian caviar, shellfish gravy

Sweet bread, doux de cevennes, xo

Wilde pheasant, musherooms, chicory

Chees assortmentt affineurs van tricht

Moranto bay, caramel, miso macadamia

Indian summer cheescake-196c flowers and herbs

A normal menu is one of 12 courses but if you are there you might as well expand the menu. So 2 courses were added to the menu. Langoustine xl a la nage-Norwegian scallop, royal belgian caviar, shell gravy.


Jane’s inimitables of the 31e of october

2016 pleasure garden, francois haasbroek/blackwater wines palominio robertson wo, rsa
2017 vieblinger roed bruck, peter veyder-malberg riesling wachau, aut
2016 trousseau, forlorn hope trousseau gris sierra foothills ava usa
2015 gueules de loup, domain guilhem& jean-hughes goisot chardonnay, cotes d’auxerre aoc, fra
2016 sassella stella retica, arturo pelizzatti perogo chiavennasca valtellina superiore docg, ita
Nv le calice des oiseaux, henri & mathieu colin chardonnay. Vin ligueur de doubs, fra
Nv ishi no kanbaze, wakabayashi shuzo junmai muroka nama genshu. Oda shimane-ken. Jpn
Nv octomore/07.3, bruichladdich lorgba field islay barley + elsenham sparkling water. Islay.sco
Nv session opa fort he jane antwerpen. Duvel moortgat ipa. Breendonk,bel
1998 vecchio samperi ventennale, marco de bartoli grillo. Marsala doc, ita

All in all a special experience in Antwerp for which thanks to ladies and gentlemen of the kitchen and service!

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