Egg whites pectin and sugars from onion peels.Food processors and technology companies are increasingly joining forces to enable sustainable innovation. A good example of this is the collaboration between Biorefinery Solutions from Apeldoorn and Mol Fresh Food from Putten. They received a €150,000 grant from the executive board of Noord-Veluwe region to extract valuable substances from onion peels.

“This project is an excellent example of how you can value waste streams and also create additional jobs in the region,”” says Adriaan Hoogendoorn, portfolio holder and member of the executive board of RNV.

Egg whites, pectin and sugars from onion peels

The onion peels are a residual product, but according to the initiators still contain several valuable substances. The grant makes it possible to ensure a complete refining process, which makes it possible to extract proteins, pectin and sugars from the peels. They are well-known food ingredients, which can be produced in a sustainable way thanks to the use of the onion peels.

Biorefinery Solutions has the knowledge of biorefining. On the other hand, Fresh Mol Food ensures that the peel and cutting residues become available. In this way, the companies work together on a residual product that until now has been thrown away as waste.

New jobs

The project started on 1 July 2015 and has been able to ensure a positive development since then. The duration of the project was estimated in advance at 15 months. During that period, a number of new jobs would be created, which would allow the subsidy to be spent in a very useful way. A new commercial activity was developed on the basis of a residual stream of onion peels, where at first there was only waste that did not create jobs.

Subsidy for sustainable innovation

The Innovation Centre For The Green Economy North Veluwe is constantly looking for new projects that can fulfil the desire for sustainable innovations, new activities and a more green economy. By investing in projects, it should be possible to take the next step forward and, for example, to extract valuable substances from onion peels. The innovation centre is made possible by the North Veluwe region and, for example, the province of Gelderland. In this case, the €150,000 in subsidy provides both valuable nutrients from residual products and job creation, creating more jobs in the region.


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