Whether you are looking for something fast and on the go, full of protein, wrapped in pastry, or baked like a cake, you can elevate your snack time with these classic luxury snacks from the Netherlands!

With an extensive history rooted in food, we have highlighted the most popular luxury snacks in the Netherlands today. With some recipes from the 1900s to more modern street food options, luxury snacks are the perfect balance of taste, quality, and richness.

Top 10 Luxury Snacks in the Netherlands:


Luxury snacks nr 10 SAUSAGE: Frikandel

This distinct, deep-fried sausage is skinless and is a preferred snack mainly consumed in the Netherlands and Belgium. There has been a lengthy discussion about whether frikandel is originally a Dutch food or a Belgian food. And, also although the exact beginning of frikandel is unidentified, we know that the meal first appeared in the 1950s.

The original frikandel sausage included a variety of meat, a lot of general pork, poultry, and equine meat. Nonetheless, because eating equine meat is occasionally considered frowned on these days, most manufacturers removed it from their recipes. Generally, frikandel is served plain with some mayonnaise.

09 FISH DISH: Gerookte paling

At all of our favorite herring stands in Amsterdam, you can purchase the Dutch special of smoked eel, called gerookte paling. Traditionally a staple, however, it is a real specialty today because of the decline of eels and their high price. The recipe is both healthy and also tasty, with omega-3 fatty acids, full of protein and vitamins. It is generally offered on a fluffy bun or a biscuit and consumed as a snack.

08 TREAT: Saucijzenbroodjes

Saucijzenbroodjes is a Dutch dish containing pastry and meat. The meat is wrapped in the pastry and smoked! It is a trendy snack that we all love, and you can find it at many Dutch junk food joints, road stands, and bakeshops. Although the name recommends that the dish includes sausages, it does not! Instead, Saucijzenbroodjes is deliciously stuffed with hamburger meat, black pepper, and nutmeg. The mix of these components is, after that, formed into tiny logs that resemble sausages. Saucijzenbroodjes is a favorite for a light lunchtime meal, or you can serve them as an appetizer!

07 BREAD: Ontbijtkoek

Ontbijtkoek is one of the staples of a conventional Dutch morning meal.

It is a rye cake with ginger, nutmeg, pepper, honey, cloves, and cinnamon. While it is a favorite for breakfast, it is similarly prominent as a lunch break reward or a snack in the middle of the night. Whether it is served with jam or cheese, it is delicious!

When it is eaten as a treat, it is frequently paired with a favorite tea or coffee. Since the 16th century, Ontbijtkoek has been made here in the Netherlands and there are numerous local ranges of this flavorful, excellent bread.

In the southern Netherlands, it is called peperkoek, a name that gives homage to the fact that pepper is among the active ingredients used to make the bread.

06 BREAD: Oliebol

Oliebol is a typical Dutch and Belgian treat that can be essentially equated as an oily sphere. The deep-fried enriched dough consists of yeast, milk, eggs, and flour. The exterior is crispy, while the interior is crunchy as well as soft.

It is so addicting!

Commonly eaten with powdered sugar on top or filled with raisins, these are delicious snacks. Oliebollen are usually prepared and eaten at various fairs, and also they are especially prominent during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday seasons.

05 SNACK: Bitterballen Luxury Snacks

Bitterballen are another deep-fried Dutch favorite. Filled with meat and rolled in breadcrumbs, these are filling and delicious. Bitterballen are generally served alongside french fries, mustard, and Dutch bitters or bittertjes. Most people believe that Bitterballen was created in the 17th century when the Spanish occupied the nation.

04 CAKE: Space Cake

Spacecake, stemming from Amsterdam, is an infamous baked good that sits among the group of cannabis-infused edibles. While there is a wide variety of this cake, it is essential to note that anything baked with cannabis butter is referred to as space cake. This Dutch technically baked item is generally baked just like you would any other cake. It includes flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, butter, eggs, and cannabis!

03 SNACK: Kibbeling

Kibbeling is a prominent Dutch street food product. Another favorite deep-fried item, Kibbeling, is battered fish that is deep-fried in warm oil.

In the Netherlands, kibbeling is mainly eaten as a treat. However, it can also be prepared for supper or dinner.

If you want to eat Kibbeling for dinner, it is easy to serve it with French Fries or a fresh salad, as well as a sauce of choice.

02 TREAT: Poffertjes

Poffertjes are a genuinely delicious Dutch snack! They are baked in a unique pan called poffertjes pan and are typically offered warm at outdoor festivals and events. They are eaten as a treat but rarely eaten as breakfast!

During the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, poffertjes can be located throughout Dutch festivals, fairs, roads, and numerous street carts.

Luxury snacks nr 01 TREAT: Kroket

Kroket is a new Dutch food that is very similar to the classic French croquettes.

Kroket consists of active ingredients like cheese, seafood, gravy, and meat refrigerated for a while and then rolled right into logs, breaded, and deep-fried until they create a golden-brown color.

One of the more traditional luxury snacks is the Dutch kroket it is made with ragout (meat) covered in breadcrumbs.

The oldest recipe for the Dutch kroket is believed to go back to 1830, and also ever since, it has shown up in countless Dutch recipe books. Originally, kroket was worked as a side dish, yet after The Second World War, it quickly became a preferred treat.


Finding the right luxury snack to elevate your next happy hour or passed hors d’oeuvres can be exciting and delicious.

In the Netherlands, we have a history of delicious tasty snacks, loaves of bread, fish dishes, and deep-fried items. There is something delicious for everyone, whether you want a kroket, kibbeling, space cakes, or frikandel.

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