Enjoy on Saturday with the KEUKENvuur inspiration bomb!

This Saturday may be the last hot day of this year. Do you know how you’re going to enjoy this? We know, with tasty, homemade food of course!

Kitchen fire has listed a number of options for you in this inspiration bomb: Do you go for the chocolate overload and make a delicious cake? Are you taking your last chance to barbecue outside this year? Or do you choose the healthy alternative?

Whatever you do, with a little inspiration from Keukenvuur and some love of yourself, you’ll make Saturday a nice, cozy, warm day!

Chocolate lava cake enjoy on Saturday with the KEUKENvuur inspiration bomb!

Chocolate lovers can enjoy chocolate cakes on Saturday. Because say it yourself: what could be better than a homemade chocolate cake where the chocolate ends when you cut the cake?

Check here  how to make the cake.

Fan of chocolate? Tip: at Keukenvuur we have a chocolate workshop where you will (literally) lick your fingers off. Not only are we going to make delicious dishes based on chocolate, you will also learn the differences between the chocolate and various cooking techniques with this special ingredient!

PS: of course you can eat all the dishes yourself and the workshop includes an extensive chocolate tasting and all alcoholic and non-alcoholic consumptions ?.

The last barbecue opportunity of 2018

Today promises to be a wonderful, summery day, perhaps the last of 2018. Depending on where you live, the temperature can even reach up to 27 degrees! The ideal opportunity to barbecue one more time of course, and with the recipes of Keukenvuur it is guaranteed to be a success:


Whatever you put on the barbecue, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious weather!

Enjoy a healthy alternative on Saturday with the KEUKENvuur inspiration bomb!

For those who don’t sin but just stick to a healthy lifestyle, we also have some tips. Of course, we mentioned all our summer salads,but there are other ways to make Saturday a healthy day:

Fortunately for the healthy cook, there are plenty of opportunities to put a responsible and tasty meal on the table.

Do you know how you’re going to enjoy the good weather? For more inspiration and tips, check out our recipe database or blog archive and make Saturday a perfect day with great food!

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