Exotic cooking is not difficult and fun to do!

Change of food does eat. This saying is figurative, but also literal. Sometimes you just need a little variety. An exotic meal is an excellent choice! Fortunately, exotic doesn’t have to be difficult at all and no, it doesn’t have to come out of a package either.

We’d love to take you on an exotic trip!

1 Little things do great miracles!

Some people think of strange ingredients like insects, colorful fruits and spices that you’ve never heard of. However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Often you can give a dinner an exotic hue by making only one course exotic. A ‘regular dinner’ quickly becomes special by an exotic cocktail, a special fruit salad, a spicy coconut soup or an adventurous starter.

Tip: not a very exotic dish, but just an exotic touch? Then experiment with one of the ingredients! For example, replace minced meat with chorizo, or experiment with various vegetables.

2 Clothes make the man, herbs make the meal…

Many exotic dishes derive their special taste from unknown ingredients. However, you don’t need a strange root from the rainforest to give an adventurous hue to your dish. Fresh herbs from your local market, from the toko, or even from the supermarket can already do wonders.

Therefore, it is good to delve into herbs that are common in certain kitchens. Of course, everyone knows some herbs from Italian cuisine, such as oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme. But how about:
Lemongrass, Vietnamese mint, coriander, Thai basil and Kaffir lime leaves, a beloved combination of Thai cuisine that takes you straight to Bangkok’s food stalls.
Chillies, cinnamon, cumin, fenugreek, mint, paprika and cardamom for a delicious African spice mix that makes you feel like you’re on the savannah. Garlic, onion, cumin, chilli, cinnamon, oregano, paprika and cloves: popular Mexican herbs that give your dishes that spicy, exotic touch.

By making clever use of herbs and spices, you simply turn ‘simple’ recipes into a special and bold dishes that everyone will lick their fingers at!

Tip: use fresh herbs instead of dried ones. These are at least more tasteful and probably completely different in taste than dried herbs.

3 Three delicious recipes for an exotic meal:

Exotic cooking is not difficult, but sometimes you need a little inspiration. That’s why we’re happy to help you get started with three delicious recipes:
Lemongrass stuffed with chicken mince:

This topper comes from Laos, where you can buy it anywhere: from quick bite at roadside stalls to popular dish in top restaurants. A delicious dish that will put all your taste buds to work. How you make it you read here.
Spicy Mexican Corn Soup:

This dish from Mexican cuisine is perfect as a starter at a dinner and can be customized to taste by varying in the sharpness or quantity of the chillies. You can read how to prepare this soup here.

Exotic cooking is not difficult and fun to do!

Berbere is one of the most popular blends of herbs and spices and originates from the region around Ethiopia and Eritrea. Nowadays, the mix has conquered all of Africa, so has this recipe with fish and Berbere, sourced from South Africa. Make your own delicious dish? Check out this  page!

Tip: fusion cooking is all in! Make an Italian wok meal or an Asian pasta. You will be amazed by the result!

Exotic cooking is not difficult and fun to do!

There is no better way to improve your arts in the kitchen than visiting a cooking workshop. During a workshop, you will work under the guidance of professional chefs to make delicious dishes.

Of course you decide which cooking workshop appeals to you the most. Curious which exotic kitchens you can choose from? Check out all our cooking workshops!

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