Filipino cuisine a blend of Chinese, Spanish and American influences

Filipino cuisine was created by the influences that the various settlers brought with them. For example, there is a national dish in the Philippines called Adobo. This Adobo is a distraction from the original dish that the Spanish rulers brought with them. the adobado. A pork stew with peppers and peppers. The Asians brought peppers, lime grass and fermented fish sauce like patis. Various noodles, spring roll and pancit are now also part of Filipino cuisine. The American influence in Filipino cuisine is strongly determined by the introduction of sandwiches, salads, burgers and fried chicken.

Before the settlers arrived, the 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines were mostly fished and hunted. The dishes from Filipino cuisine were quite basic with basic preparations. Dishes were grilled (inihaw) steamed (pinasingawan) or cooked (nilaga). Some fish dishes were not cooked at all and more prepared as a ceviche is prepared.

Filipino cuisine a blend of Chinese, Spanish and American influences

All these influences have created a unique fusion of original ingredients and special preparations in Filipino cuisine. For example, a Filipino meal can consist of mackerel fillet marinated with vinegar, ginger, onion, pepper and coconut milk (kinilaw na tanguingue). Pork and vegetables in a sour tamarinade sauce (sinigang na Baboy) and end with a crème caramel.

The Philippine meals consist of 5 small meals per day in contrast to the West where we have 3 large meals a day. They start with breakfast (Morning merienda), then a 10 hour snack. Followed by lunch and then at 4am finger food and a late dinner.

Filipino ingredients

Many of the Filipino ingredients you need to make a Filipino meal can be bought from the toko. In the kitchen they use a lot of Bagoong a fermented salty shrimp or fish paste with which you make many Filipino dishes to taste. Bagoong has a strong taste and you should use it in moderation. If you can’t find it then you can replace it for trassi.

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