Food power inoperable food revive

Two students from Sweden’s Lund University have devised an ingenious plan to give unusable food a second chance. At a time when food shortages and poverty are prevalent, no food should be thrown away at all, according to the students. Yet a third of all food produced in the world is unceremoniously thrown in the trash. And this food is still rich in important vitamins, minerals and proteins.  That’s why the Swedish young men came up with a brilliant plan to revive this food.

Fighting hunger

The two students follow the ‘Food Innovation and Product Design’ programme at the prestigious Lund University in Sweden. They came up with the idea when they found out that too much food was being thrown away unused while in other countries people are starving. Their spectacular product is called FoPo, short for Food Powder. It includes dried fruits and dried vegetables and is a bit like astronaut food. To make this Food Powder, food products that are already past the use-by date or that have been taken off supermarket shelves can be used. FoPo contains about as many nutritional benefits as raw food and can be easily distributed to people in disaster areas, as it does not need to be refrigerated and can be stored for a very long time.

 Food power inoperable food revive | Commercial use

FoPo is still in the testing phase. Tests are now being carried out in Manila to see how vitamin-rich citrus fruit is drying up. The developers receive a lot of support from international organizations and there are plans to cooperate with the United Nations in the fight against food waste. 40 international supermarket chains have already come forward and say they are interested in putting the product on the shelves. If the tests prove successful and they can get it done financially, then all this useless food waste could just be put to an end.


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