Food & Sri Lanka – 3 dishes you should try when you get there!

Many people in Sri Lanka think of beautiful beaches, nature you say to yourself and a rich cultural heritage. However, Sri Lanka also has a delicious cuisine. You will of course find many influences from India, but also see the Indian Ocean in it. Moreover, food in Sri Lanka is also fun for vegetarians, for which there is more than enough choice. In this article we introduce you to 3 delicious dishes from Sri Lankan cuisine:

Food & Sri Lanka – 3 dishes you should try when you get there!

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1 Rice & Curry

This classic should not be missing from the list. Like their neighbour,  Sri Lanka also has a large amount of curries, which are served with deliciously fragrant rice and various side dishes. Often several curries are served at the same time, meat, fish and vegetarian. Please note that the curries can be quite spicy!


2 Papadum & Dal

Papadum & Dal are perhaps rice & curry’s most popular side dishes, but you can also eat them separately. Papadum is thin, crispy bread made from lentils and herbs and is delicious in combination with Rice & Curry, chutneys or other dips. Dal literally means ‘dried legume’, but is also the name of a dish. Dal is a delicious, thick, spicy soup and can be very well combined with Papadum. Moreover, Dal is not only very tasty, but also very healthy!

3 Fruit

Spicy and spicy meals are delicious, but they get even tastier if you can combine them with something sweet. Fortunately, Sri Lanka has the perfect climate for many types of fruits. How about sweet papayas, perfectly juicy pineapples, coconut, dragonfruit and of course the number 1 superfood eaten by Sri Lankans: the mangistan.

Cooking Sri Lankan dishes during a cooking workshop

Travelling to Sri Lanka? Expand your repertoire of vegetarian dishes? Learn to prepare a spicy recipe? Make real Kottu? Or just push your culinary boundaries? Whatever your reason, our chefs will be happy to introduce you to all kinds of dishes from Sri Lanka during a cooking workshop. During the workshop  we will introduce you, your friends and your family to all the goodies that Sri Lanka has to offer. You will also learn to prepare the delicious meals mentioned above.

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