The municipality of Amsterdam is experimenting with food trucks and the rest of the country is also shooting the Foodtruck festivals out of the ground like mushrooms. Where do the mobile food shops actually come from and what are the developments in this area? Are food trucks a temporary trend or is it a more sustainable development that will continue in the coming years? We dive into the phenomenon of food trucks, the mobile food shops where visitors can count on a delicious burger or sushi and vegetarian meals.

Mobile food stores from America

Like so many innovative concepts, the food trucks come from America, and they have been using mobile food stores for a long time. This seems to be due, among other things, to the fact that the food trucks perfectly fit the motto ‘the land of the free’. The entrepreneurs in the food shops have the mobility to go wherever they want. Owners of food trucks choose their ‘own destiny’ and are no longer bound to a fixed location. It is the freedom that, together with, for example, the organic and sustainable character of the food trucks, ensures that they appeal extremely well, also among the public in the Netherlands.

Broad concept with numerous food trucks

Moreover, the concept of food trucks can be implemented in a very broad way, it is not limited to a certain type of dishes. Instead, it is possible within the food trucks to order a sandwich, something from the grill or ice cream. Smart entrepreneurs have the opportunity to respond to various trends in the field of nutrition, for example by using organic ingredients and building a delicious burger or providing a refreshing smoothie. In addition, food truck owners can easily switch range and location to indicate where they stand and what is available via social media.

Copenhagen and Amsterdam

Among others in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, the food trucks are a great success. In Copenhagen, these are located in the Papirøn area. It is the striking colours of the trucks that appeal to many visitors. The offer is quite varied and the price is relatively low. In Amsterdam it is the NeighbourFood Market that has a similar concept to offer; vans, stalls and cargo bikes are available that praise their wares every third Sunday at the Westergasterrein.



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