Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our cooking workshops, location, or organization? On this page, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t included, please feel free to contact us!

Is it possible to accommodate exceptions during the workshops?

Absolutely! If you indicate during booking that there are exceptions we need to consider, we will do so! The same applies to sensitivities and allergies.

What's the minimum amount of people per cooking workshop?

Our rates are based on groups of at least 10 people. If you wish to organize a workshop with fewer participants, that is also possible. In that case, please contact us for a non-binding quote.

What time do cooking courses start?

The start times of our cooking workshops are negotiable. It is possible to book a workshop in the morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

Is there ample parking available?

Absolutely! Moreover, you can park for free around the buildings.

Is Keukenvuur easily accessible by public transport?

From Utrecht Central Station, you can reach KEUKENvuur within 15 minutes using bus lines 37 or 38.

What's the max. capacity for one cooking workshop?

Our studio is spread over two floors and four spaces, all interconnected. This way, we can accommodate small groups separately or large groups (up to a maximum of 100 people) across the different spaces.

Are corporate cooking workshops also possible?

Absolutely! We regularly organize corporate workshops for team outings, team-building activities, or other celebrations. Contact us for more information about the possibilities and let us inspire you!

Can we have a meeting before the workshop starts?

Kunnen wij voorafgaand aan de workshop vergaderen?