Game the purest meat. Game is particularly popular with the general public in the autumn, but it is also the most pure form of meat for the rest of the year. Different game species can be both shot and sold outside the traditional game season, making it possible to eat game even in the summer. Moreover, imports from South Africa, for example, are often just as tender and tasteful as the traditional deer and roe that we know well in the Netherlands.

Game’s purest meat is a healthy choice

Wild is a healthy choice, it involves a very pure form of meat. The animal itself has scavened its food together in nature and ensured that it can survive. This means that the animal brings the meat itself to taste, as it were, there is no intervention of humans. This ensures that game has an authentic taste. Moreover, game is rich in iron and protein, while on the other hand there are few calories in it. Furthermore, game is generally very tender and therefore surprisingly tasty; a great choice for the menu.

Try wild goose

Wild we know especially from deer and roe, besides for example hare and a wild duck. However, there is more game available with a wonderfully authentic taste, which is also very healthy. You can think of wild goose. For a number of years now, the trade ban has been abolished in order to prevent the nuisance caused by the wild goose. Consumption, on the other hand, still lags behind, because the wild goose is not often on the menu. However, this is a pity, since the wild goose tastes delicious and therefore a good choice, to prevent it from being brought directly to destruction.


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